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Story: What happened when the thong (with which they were pulling at the Water's Bull) broke or Kko-kkoro's story


What happened when the thong (with which they were pulling at the Water's Bull) broke or Kko-kkoro's story


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An account of rain-making by means of dragging a water-animal over the land, in illustration of a Bushman painting copied by Mr J.M. Orpen (Cape Monthly Magazine for July, 1874, frontispiece), was given, in the Katkop dialect, by Dia!kwãin, who had it from his mother (BXXVII. 2540-2608). The beginning of this was repeated by him (L V.-3. 4075-4085), and two other accounts of rain-making were also given by him (L V.-3. 4086-4121). A story of a rainmaker (!gixa) called Kko-kkorro who was leading the waterbull by means of a thong placed on its horns to pull it along. The thong broke and the bull went into the water.


1) p.4085v: this story was told to Dia!kwain by his father (Xaa-ttin or Jacob); Kko kkoro (who told Dia!kwain's father the story) was an old man who could not speak Dutch and told Dia!kwain's father many things, 2) p.4086v: the musical instrument called !kummi and played by women, 3) p.4087v: another musical instrument called the bullroarer or !go in-!go in, which produces a whirring noise when played, 4) See also A rain story and Rainmaking (a version by Dia!kwain) and Rainmaking: another story of it and Rainmaking, 5) This story is found in Book V-3


Dia!kwain (David Hoesar) (V)


14 – 16 January 1875


The Rain and Rain's water, History (personal)


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