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Story: About sorcerers


About sorcerers


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


The Bushman Doctor or Sorcerer (L II.-1. 273-275). An account of these people was also given in the Katkop dialect by Dia!kwáin (L V.-3. 4122-4131), from whom we besides have two reports of cures performed upon himself. The first of these (L V.-3. 4132-4161, 4. 4162-4199) includes a speech made by the sorceress; the second relates how she cured him when injured by a Kafir (L V.-4. 4200-4230). When the healer (!gixa) returns home after doing his work he 'trembles' and the people give him buchu to smell to make his 'vertebral artery' lie back down. A new healer has other healers' 'work' 'snored in to his veins so that he too can 'snore' ill people.


1) p.4121v: Dia!kwain heard about this from his mother (≠kammi-an), but also saw it for himself; the |xam names of veins; Dr Stewart was consulted on the 'vertebral artery', 2) p.4126v: Dia!kwain says that there would be a 'spring' of blood inside the body, or internal bleeding from the 'vertebral artery', 3) See also The tale of a wise person or sorceress, what she said, when she talked with us and The story of a sorceress; that which she did when the Kafir had hurt my throat, she 'snored' me, when my throat was swollen and About the 'Toornan': the Bushman witchdoctor, 4) This story is found in Book V-3


Dia!kwain (David Hoesar) (V)


20 January 1875 (started)


Healing and ailing, Custom and daily life


sorcerer (see healer) , healers (about sorcerers) , healers (!giten) , healers ('Bushman doctors') , healers (making or becoming) , healers (transformation of) , healers (are taught by old people) , healers (their work) , healers (their work is not easy) , healers (their return home) , healers (their vertebral vein or artery) , healers (and internal bleeding) , healers (and snoring) , healers (heal people) , healers (their work is snored in their veins) , healers (other sorcerers' work is snored into their veins) , healers (their recovery) , healers (about their vein) , healers (become lions) , healers (become beasts of prey) , healers (will kill people) , healers (caring for them) , healers (and singing and dancing of people) , healers (the treatment of) , healers (tremble) , healers (their great vein) , healers (their backbone) , healers (become ill) , healers (and buchu) , healers (grow hair) , healers (sneeze people) , healers (are taught by other sorcerers) , healers (the teaching of) , lions (sorcerers become) , lions (about sorcerers) , buchu (healing with) , buchu (its medicinal uses) , buchu (and recovery of sorcerer) , buchu (about sorcerers) , veins (about sorcerers) , veins (of sorcerers) , veins (lie down) , veins (stand up) , veins (great) , veins (in backbone) , veins (and sorcerer's snoring work) , veins (and snoring) , veins (or vertebral artery) , veins (and internal bleeding) , veins (and trembling) , veins (and buchu) , veins (resists) , education (about sorcerers) , education (sorcerers are taught by other sorcerers) , education (becoming a sorcerer) , education (a new healer has other healers' 'work' 'snored' in to his veins) , snoring (about sorcerers and their work) , transformation (of sorcerers who become lions) , transformation (about sorcerers) , backbone (of sorcerer) , backbone (about sorcerers) , blood (about sorcerers) , blood (sorcerers and internal bleeding) , work (about sorcerers) , work (healing work of sorcerers) , work (healer trembles after) , trembling (about sorcerers) , trembling (of sorcerer after 'snoring' or healing work) , illness ('snored' by healer) , illness (about sorcerers) , beasts of prey (sorcerers become) , beasts of prey (about sorcerers) , sneezing (and healing work) , sneezing (about sorcerers) , healing (work of sorcerers or healers) , healing (the use of buchu) , healing (about sorcerers) , healing (sneezing) , healing (snoring) , name (used for healers is !giten) , name (about sorcerers) , plant (medicinal) , plant (buchu) , plant (about sorcerers)

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