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Story: About the sorceress !kwarra-an


About the sorceress !kwarra-an


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


The Bushman Doctor or Sorcerer (L II.-1. 273-275). An account of these people was also given in the Katkop dialect by Dia!kwáin (L V.-3. 4122-4131), from whom we besides have two reports of cures performed upon himself. The first of these (L V.-3. 4132-4161, 4. 4162-4199) includes a speech made by the sorceress; the second relates how she cured him when injured by a Kafir (L V.-4. 4200-4230). A note about the old sorceress !kwarra-an, where she lived and lives, her Dutch name (Mietje); how her husband ≠gerri-sse (or Jan Ronebout) and a son were shot by a Dutch man ('Boer') when out getting poison for their arrows.


1) The sorceress's son, ≠gerri-sse (also called ≠girri-sse and Jan Ronebout), was one of Lloyd's informants and Dia!kwain's companions, 2) See also The tale of a wise person or sorceress, what she said, when she talked with us and The story of a sorceress; that which she did when the Kafir had hurt my throat, she 'snored' me, when my throat was swollen and About sorcerers: when the sorcerer returns home after his work is done, 3) This story is found in Book V-3


Dia!kwain (David Hoesar) (V)


January 1875


History (personal), Healing and ailing


sorceress (healer) , sorceress (!kwarra-an) , sorceress (her relations) , sorceress (the personal history of) , sorceress (and Dutch or 'Boers') , sorceress (her Dutch name is Mietje) , sorceress (and Dia!kwain) , sorceress (about the sorceress !kwarra-an) , personal history (about the sorceress !kwarra-an) , personal history (!kwarra-an's husband ≠gerri-sse and a son were shot by a Dutch man) , healer (about the sorceress !kwarra-an) , name (Dutch, for the sorceress !kwarra-an is Mietje) , name (of !kwarra-an's husband and a son) , death (!kwarra-an's husband ≠gerri-sse and a son were shot by a Dutch man) , death (about the sorceress !kwarra-an)

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