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Story: A mother's prohibitions with regard to the hartebeest and her child


A mother's prohibitions with regard to the hartebeest and her child


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


Some remarkable superstitions concerning the Hartebeest, whose head is said to resemble that of the Mantis; and also a curious charm made from the foot of the Hartebeest, and used by Bushman women for their children as a protection against the Mantis (L V.-6. 4414 rev.-4418 rev.). What women with little children must do (in relation to the hartebeest) to protect their children.


1) See The hartebeest and the eland belong to the Mantis and The hartebeest resembles the Mantis, 2) This story is found in Book V-6


Dia!kwain (David Hoesar) (V)


19 March 1875 (started)


|kaggen (the Mantis), Custom and daily life


charm (the making of) , charm (made by a mother) , charm (that protects children from |kaggen) , charm (made of the hartebeest's foot) , charm (and the scent of the hartebeest) , charm (made from one of |kaggen's things) , prohibitions (and avoidance behaviour) , prohibitions (mothers with children and their eating of hartebeest) , prohibitions (and charms) , hartebeest (and protection from |kaggen) , hartebeest (a charm made from its foot) , hartebeest (prohibitions regarding the eating of) , hartebeest (women do not spring over its head) , hartebeest (and |kaggen) , hartebeest (is |kaggen's thing) , hartebeest (its smell protects the child) , |kaggen (the Mantis) , |kaggen (the way it would kill a child) , |kaggen (a charm which protects a child from) , |kaggen (and a hartebeest charm) , |kaggen (his things) , |kaggen (and the smell of the hartebeest) , children (things that can kill) , children (and the hartebeest charm) , children (how their mothers protect them from |kaggen) , mothers (how they protect their children against |kaggen) , mothers (their prohibitions with regard to the hartebeest and their children) , food (prohibitions against the eating of hartebeest by mothers with children)

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