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Story: The lion's dream


The lion's dream


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A full-grown Bushman, whom the narrator knew, punished by a lion for having eaten forbidden portions of the lion’s prey, as a child. Told by Día!kwãin.(L V.-8. 4574-4617 1/2, 9. 4618, with notes upon 4616 rev. and 4617 rev.). An account of how a lion dreams and how it has the ability to make things obey their will (they 'work things').


1) See also The avoidance of the name of the lion and What the lion did to Xwerri-kau; and what parts of game should not be eaten by little children, 2) This story is found in Book V-8


Dia!kwain (David Hoesar) (V)


April 1875


Plants and animals, Portention


lion (its dream) , lion (it 'works things') , lion (is a beast of prey) , lion (dreams) , lion (its feelings) , lion (its premonitions) , lion (its nature and habits) , lion (lions dream and have premonitions) , lion (can make things obey its will) , lion ('works' things) , dream (of the lion) , dream (and premonition) , dream (lions dream and have premonitions) , premonition (and the lion's dream) , premonition (lions dream and have premonitions) , beast of prey (lion is) , beast of prey (and the lion's dream)

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