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Story: Why Dia!kwain's brother Ko-bbo received his name


Why Dia!kwain's brother Ko-bbo received his name


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


Explanation of various personal names was given, in the Katkop dialect, by Díä!kwãin (L V.-10. 4751-4754, 4758-4777, 18. 5373 rev., 19. 5505 rev. and 5506 rev., 20. 5572 and 5573, 5605-5607). Dia!kwain's mother named his brother Ko-bbo because the people at their place blamed her family for all the misfortunes that occurred there. They called Dia!kwain's people 'Bbo' and threatened them. These same people killed Dia!kwain's grandmother and grandfather 'with sorcery' and intended to kill the rest of his family as well.


1) Dia!kwain was told this story by his mother (≠kamme-an), 2) This story interrupts Told in illustration of the picture of the dance of sorcerers (Mr Stow's number 8 and 9), 3) p.4752v: the |xam names of Dia!kwain's grandmother (|abbe-ttu) and grandfather (||khwai-|na); they had no Dutch names, having had no contact with them, 4) p.4753v: Dia!kwain's sister was !kweiten ta ||ken and her Dutch name was Rachel, 5) This story is found in Book V-10


Dia!kwain (David Hoesar) (V)


27 May 1875 (started)


History (personal), Custom and daily life


Dia!kwain (his relations killed by sorcery) , Dia!kwain (his personal history) , Dia!kwain (the naming of his brother Ko-bbo) , Dia!kwain (his relations) , Dia!kwain (his family threatened) , sorcery (and why Dia!kwain's brother Ko-bbo received his name) , sorcery (Dia!kwain's relatives 'killed with') , Ko-bbo (the naming of) , Ko-bbo (accounting for his name) , personal history (of Dia!kwain and the naming of his brother) , personal history (why Dia!kwain's brother Ko-bbo received his name) , personal history (Dia!kwain's relatives 'killed with' sorcery) , death (Dia!kwain's relatives 'killed with' sorcery) , death (and why Dia!kwain's brother Ko-bbo received his name) , death (Dia!kwain's family threatened with) , name (why Dia!kwain's brother Ko-bbo received his) , name (names of Dia!kwain's relations)

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