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Story: Why Dia!kwain's uncle |kai kwa received his name


Why Dia!kwain's uncle |kai kwa received his name


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


Explanation of various personal names was given, in the Katkop dialect, by Díä!kwãin (L V.-10. 4751-4754, 4758-4777, 18. 5373 rev., 19. 5505 rev. and 5506 rev., 20. 5572 and 5573, 5605-5607). The reason for the naming of Dia!kwain's uncle, |kai kwa.


1) This story is found in Book V-10


Dia!kwain (David Hoesar) (V)


15 June 1875


History (personal), Custom and daily life


Dia!kwain (his personal history) , Dia!kwain (the giving of his uncle |kai kwa's name) , Dia!kwain (the names of his relations) , names (little) , names (great) , names (|xam and Dutch) , names (of children) , names (of grown-ups) , names (the giving of) , names (explanation of) , names (of Dia!kwain's relations) , names (why Dia!kwain's uncle |kai kwa received his name) , |kai kwa (the names of his relations) , |kai kwa (why he received his name) , |kai kwa (his |xam name) , |kai kwa (his Dutch name, Blaitje) , |kai kwa (his personal history) , |kai kwa (his mother was maligned) , |kai kwa (was Dia!kwain's uncle) , |kai kwa (his little name, |kai kwa) , |kai kwa (his great name, |uherre) , personal history (the giving of Dia!kwain's uncle |kai kwa 's name) , personal history (of Dia!kwain and his relations)

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