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Story: The broken string


The broken string


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The sorcerer !nuin|kúïten. In the Katkop dialect, by Díä!kwãin (L V.-15. 5079-5101, 5104-5109). A song sung by Xaa-ttin (Dia!kwain's father) after the death of the magician !nuin-|kui-ten.


1) See also !nuin-|kui-ten (who was a sorcerer or magician) and What Xaa-ttin used to sing (the broken string), 2) This story is found in Book V-15


Dia!kwain (David Hoesar) (V)


July 1875


Poetry, History (personal), Relations with others


song (about the broken string) , song (Xaa-ttin's, about !nuin-|kui-ten) , personal history (of Dia!kwain's father Xaa-ttin) , personal history (the death of the sorcerer !nuin-|kui-ten) , sorcerer (death of) , sorcerer (a lament about) , sorcerer (and the broken string) , sorcerer (a song about !nuin-|kui-ten) , sorcerer (or magician) , sorcerer (and !nuin-|kui-ten the rainmaker) , !nuin-|kui-ten (Xaa-ttin's song about) , !nuin-|kui-ten (the rainmaker or rain-sorcerer) , !nuin-|kui-ten (and the broken string) , death (of the sorcerer !nuin-|kui-ten) , death (and a song sung by Xaa-ttin about the broken string) , lament (Xaa-ttin's, about the broken string and the death of the sorcerer !nuin-|kui-ten) , string (the broken string) , string (and Xaa-ttin's song about the death of the sorcerer !nuin-|kui-ten) , broken string (and Xaa-ttin's song about the death of the sorcerer !nuin-|kui-ten) , rainmaker (death of) , rainmaker (a lament about) , rainmaker (and the broken string) , rainmaker (a song about !nuin-|kui-ten) , rainmaker (called !nuin-|kui-ten) , Dia!kwain (and the broken string) , Dia!kwain (and his father Xaa-ttin's song about the death of the sorcerer !nuin-|kui-ten)

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