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Story: Words and sentences (and Dia!kwain's father's drawings)


Words and sentences (and Dia!kwain's father's drawings)


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


A series of six inserts on the inside cover of Book V-17 which contain brief references to falling stars, earthquakes and sorcerers, as well as some |xam names for certain animals. Reference is also made to the 'speech' of ants and there are a few lines about a 'tiger'. Most significantly, there is a note on drawings made by Dia!kwain's father on rocks and ostrich skins and the preparation of painting substances, such as rooi klip (or red haematite).


1) See also Chippings made by Dia!kwain's father (before the time of the 'Boers'), 2) This story is found in Book V-17


Dia!kwain (David Hoesar) (V)


September 1875 [?]


Words and sentences, Custom and daily life, History (personal)


words and sentences (given by Dia!kwain) , words and sentences (in the Katkop dialect) , words and sentences (and Dia!kwain's father's drawings) , drawings (made by Dia!kwain's father) , drawings (on ostrich skin and rocks) , drawings (made in rooi klip, or red haematite) , personal history (the drawings made by Dia!kwain's father) , stars (falling, and earthquakes and sorcerers) , stars (and words and sentences) , sorcerers (and falling stars and earthquakes) , sorcerers (and words and sentences) , speech (of ants) , speech (and words and sentences) , ostrich (skin) , ostrich (Dia!kwain's father's drawings on –skin) , haematite (red) , haematite (or rooi klip) , haematite (and Dia!kwain's father's drawings) , rocks (and Dia!kwain's father's drawings) , rock art (and Dia!kwain's father's drawings) , painting (preparation of substances for) , painting (in rooi klip, or red haematite) , painting (and Dia!kwain's father's drawings)

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inserts on the inside cover of Book V-17

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