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Story: Jan Plat (at Breakwater; looked over later at Mowbray)


Jan Plat (at Breakwater; looked over later at Mowbray)


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


Names of three Bushmen and another Native, who were at the Breakwater Convict Station in 1875, together with a little information regarding them. Taken down in English (L V.-19. 5445–5447, 5453-5456). Jan Plat provides Lloyd with some personal details and the names of some of his closest relations, including his wife and parents. He was related to Dia!kwain (his wife was Dia!kwain's niece), grew up with Dutch people ('Boers') and understood |xam well.


1) p.5445v: Jan Plat looked over details in Mowbray ('7.1.84'); the 'white man's name' for Dia!kwain's sister, 2) Jan Plat is Dia!kwain's brother-in-law, 3) This story is found in Book V-19


Jan Plat


October 1875, (looked over) 7 January 1884


History (personal), Relations with others


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