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Story: Hendrik (Ronebout) at Breakwater hospital


Hendrik (Ronebout) at Breakwater hospital


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


Names of three Bushmen and another Native, who were at the Breakwater Convict Station in 1875, together with a little information regarding them. Taken down in English (L V.-19. 5445-5447, 5453-5456). Hendrik Ronebout (patient convict number 7910) provided these details of personal information while at the Breakwater hospital. He gave the names of his parents as well as details of where he came from.


1) p.5452v: Hendrik's 'little' name, which his brother Jan Ronebout gave to Lucy Lloyd at the time of Hendrik's release from the prison hospital; Hendrik had his mother's father's name (||xou-||ku'a), 2) This story is found in Book V-19


Hendrik Ronebout


23 October 1875


History (personal), Relations with others


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