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Story: Black Crow calling Jackal


Black Crow calling Jackal


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An episode in the myth of the Dawn’s-Heart, called “The Black Crow calling the Jackal” (when she had been mocked by the Dawn’s–Heart–child), is given separately, in a yet unfinished piece, in which the Jackal talks with its peculiar click. (B IX.921–930). The Black Crow calls the Jackal and the Jackal comes. Day's Heart's child mocks the Jackal and they both get angry. The Jackal calls the Blue Crane and they look for the child. The Jackal wants to make the child her daughter. The Blue Crane goes along singing with the Krieboom on her shoulder. She arrives where Day's Heart's child sits and agrees with the Jackal that the child is 'not a little white'.


1) 'Day's Heart' is also known as 'Dawn's Heart', 2) This story is found in Book IX


||kabbo (Jantje) (II)




History (Early Race)


Black Crow (calling Jackal) , Black Crow (gets angry) , Jackal (Black Crow calling) , Jackal (calls the Blue Crane) , Jackal (wants Day's Heart's child as her daughter) , Jackal (talks with its peculiar click) , Blue Crane (Black Crow calling Jackal) , Blue Crane (Krieboom on the shoulder of) , Blue Crane (walks singing) , Blue Crane (song of) , Blue Crane (the Black Crow calls the Jackal and) , Day's Heart's child (Black Crow calling Jackal) , Day's Heart's child (appearance of) , Day's Heart's child (is white) , Day's Heart's child (is praised) , Day's Heart's child (mocks the Jackal) , Day's Heart's child (and the Blue Crane) , Day's Heart's child (colour of) , Day's Heart's child (wanted by the Jackal as her daughter) , Krieboom (Black Crow calling Jackal) , Krieboom (bow made of) , Krieboom (on the Blue Crane's shoulder) , child (Day's Heart's) , child (Black Crow calling Jackal) , Day's Heart (child) , Day's Heart (Black Crow calling Jackal) , speech (of the Jackal) , speech (Jackal talks with its peculiar click) , song (of Blue Crane) , song (Black Crow calling Jackal) , tree (Krieboom) , tree (Black Crow calling Jackal)

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