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Story: More about sorcerers


More about sorcerers


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He changes himself into a jackal, and goes to find out what is detaining his people, when they do not return home. In the Katkop dialect, by Díä!kwãin (L V.-19. 5506 rev.-5512 rev.). Sorcerers' hearts become stars and come out of the sky when they die. In the form of a jackal, sorcerers seek people from their homes at night to see where they are and how they are doing.


1) See also About sorcerers: their death, their snoring work, earthquakes and the rain and !nuin-|kui-ten (who was a sorcerer or magician), 2) This story is found in Book V-19


Dia!kwain (David Hoesar) (V)


12 November 1875 (started)


Custom and daily life, Transformation


sorcerers (more about) , sorcerers (assume a jackal's form) , sorcerers (watch over people away from home) , sorcerers (the death of) , sorcerers (and falling stars) , sorcerers (their hearts become stars and fall) , sorcerers (become stars) , sorcerers (their magic power) , sorcerers (know things) , sorcerers (walk at night) , sorcerers (seek and find people) , sorcerers (care for their people) , sorcerers (act like a jackal) , sorcerers (their actions) , sorcerers (their transformation) , sorcerers (smell things) , sorcerers (smell what they have killed) , sorcerers (use their jackal's nose to find out things) , sorcerers (speak to people as a jackal) , sorcerers (and the jackal's call) , sorcerers (people who recognise them) , jackals (and more about sorcerers) , jackals (sorcerers assume the form of) , jackals (the sorcerers' transformation into) , transformation (of sorcerers into a jackals) , transformation (and more about sorcerers) , nose (sorcerers use their jackal's nose to find out things) , nose (and more about sorcerers) , magic power (of sorcerers) , magic power (and more about sorcerers) , death (and more about sorcerers) , death (sorcerers hearts become falling stars when they die) , stars (and more about sorcerers) , stars (sorcerers hearts become falling stars when they die) , falling stars (and more about sorcerers) , falling stars (sorcerers hearts become when they die)

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