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Story: The !kh'o: a blue mist which resembles smoke


The !kh'o: a blue mist which resembles smoke


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Brief mention is made of a kind of blue mist, which resembles fire–smoke, and is illness. In the Katkop dialect, by Díä!kwãin (L V.-20. 5557-5561). An account of the mist (!kh'o), or haze, which makes the sun feel hot.


1) See also p.5554v for a note on the !kho, which is like a blue mist, 3) See also The !ho and Ko-boken, 3) pp.5559v & 5560v: see The !ho, 4) This story is found in Book V-20


Dia!kwain (David Hoesar) (V)


November 1875


Custom and daily life, Celestial bodies and aeroscopy


mist (called !kh'o which resembles smoke) , mist (what is said about it) , mist (and illness) , mist (and the mirage or !ho) , mist (or haze) , mist (that is blue) , mist (and the sun) , mist (the name of) , sun (and the mist or haze called !kh'o) , sun (the mist makes it feel hot) , sun (and the mirage, or !ho) , sun (the mirage and its rising, or 'eye') , mirage (or !ho) , mirage (and the rising of the sun) , mirage (what the mothers say about it) , mirage (brings illness) , mirage (and the mist, or !kh'o) , mirage (its rising, or 'eye') , illness (and the mirage, or !ho) , illness (and the mist or haze called !kh'o which is illness) , smoke (and the mist or haze called !kh'o which resembles) , names (the mist or haze which resembles smoke is called !kh'o) , names (the mirage is called !ho)

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