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Story: The !ho and Ko-boken


The !ho and Ko-boken


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Dia!kwain's brother (Ko-boken) is standing up at dawn, despite warnings against doing so from his father. A little whirlwind, or !ho, comes and pushes him over and he staggers and has to lie down.


1) p.5561v: this story is taken from Dia!kwain's personal experiences, 2) pp.5561v-5568v: see The !ho, 3) pp.5569v-5570v: see Gargling, 4) See also The !kh'o: a blue mist which resembles smoke and The !ho, 5) This story is found in Book V-20


Dia!kwain (David Hoesar) (V)


20 November 1875 (started)


History (personal), Custom and daily life, Portention


Dia!kwain (his relations) , Dia!kwain (his personal history) , Dia!kwain (his brother Ko-boken and the !ho) , morning (early) , morning (dawn) , morning (its doings) , morning (warnings about) , morning (prohibitions relating to) , morning (and standing at dawn) , morning (and the !ho) , morning (and a whirlwind) , !ho (warnings about) , !ho (and the consequences of standing at dawn) , !ho (its ill effects on people) , !ho (makes people ill and kills them) , !ho (and Ko-boken) , !ho (on the hunting-ground) , !ho (teachings about) , !ho (is a whirlwind) , Ko-boken (Dia!kwain's brother) , Ko-boken (and the !ho) , Ko-boken (and the whirlwind) , Ko-boken (was standing at dawn) , whirlwind (called !ho) , whirlwind (that makes people ill) , whirlwind (and the early morning) , whirlwind (called !ho) , whirlwind (that kills people) , whirlwind (and the consequences of standing at dawn) , whirlwind (and Ko-boken) , personal history (Dia!kwain's brother Ko-boken and the !ho) , illness (caused by the !ho) , illness (and the !ho and Ko-boken) , illness (and the consequences of standing at dawn) , standing (the consequences of at dawn) , standing (and the !ho and Ko-boken) , death (caused by the !ho) , death (the !ho makes people ill and kills them) , death (and standing at dawn) , hunting-ground (teachings about its doings) , hunting-ground (and the !ho and Ko-boken) , hunting-ground (and the !ho or whirlwind) , hunting-ground (and standing at dawn) , teaching (about the !ho or whirlwind) , teaching (about standing at dawn) , teaching (and the !ho and Ko-boken) , teaching (and prohibitions relating to morning on the hunting–ground) , education (about the !ho or whirlwind) , education (about the consequences of standing at dawn) , education (and the !ho and Ko-boken) , education (and prohibitions relating to morning on the hunting–ground) , name (of Dia!kwain's brother) , name (of a whirlwind that harms people at dawn on the hunting–ground) , dawn (its doings) , dawn (warnings about) , dawn (prohibitions relating to) , dawn (the consequences of standing at) , dawn (and the !ho: a whirlwind) , dawn (and the !ho and Ko-boken)

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