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Story: A man falls upon the Lion


A man falls upon the Lion


Wilhelm Bleek notebooks


A man is out hunting and is chased by a Lion up a tree where he falls asleep and dreams of falling into the Lion's mouth. He lets go of the branch he is holding on to and falls onto the Lion, which is asleep underneath the tree. This frightens the Lion and it runs away. The man goes home and hides from the Lion underneath skins. The Lion chases and bites the man (presumably killing him).


1) This story is found in Book I in two parts


|a!kunta (Stoffel) (I)


20 May 1871 (it is unclear whether this story was told on this date as there are others on the same page)


History (Early Race)


Lion (a man falls on) , Lion (chases a man up a tree) , Lion (and a man) , man (falls on a Lion) , man (hides in a springbok skin sack) , man (his wife hides him) , man (falls asleep in a tree) , man (dreams of falling) , springbok skin (a man hides from a Lion under) , skin (of springbok) , skin (a man hides from a Lion under) , tree (man falls asleep in and falls on a Lion) , Early Race (a story of the) , Early Race (a man falls upon the Lion)

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