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Story: |kaggen (the Mantis) and the Moon: creation of the latter (version 2)


|kaggen (the Mantis) and the Moon: creation of the latter (version 2)


Wilhelm Bleek notebooks


The Moon is created from a long white wing-feather of the Ostrich. After |kaggen (the Mantis) breaks the eland's gall and it blinds him, he crawls, feeling his way to the place of the Ostrich, where he finds a feather. He throws it into the sky so that it may become the Moon and light the ground for him to see in the darkness.


1) p.997v: |han≠kass'o heard this story from his maternal grandmother (≠kammi) and mother (|xabbi-an); a note on this version of the story; |kaggen was formerly a man; a note on the eland's gall which belonged to the eland |kaggen had made, 2) p.998v: The vlei (or place ) where the ostrich play, eat, assemble and sleep, and its |xam name, 3) p.999v: note on the feather that comes from the wing of the bird (the ostrich), 4) This story is found in Book X


|han≠kass'o (Klein Jantje) (VIII)


25 October 1879 (started)


|kaggen (the Mantis), Celestial bodies and aeroscopy


creation (of the Moon) , creation (by |kaggen of the Moon) , creation (of the Moon from an ostrich feather) , ostrich feather (becomes the Moon) , ostrich feather (|kaggen creates the Moon from) , |kaggen (the Mantis) , |kaggen (creates the Moon) , |kaggen (is a 'devil') , |kaggen (was formerly a man) , |kaggen (and the eland's gall) , |kaggen (pierces the gall) , |kaggen (wets the feather) , |kaggen (throws up the feather) , |kaggen (and an ostrich feather) , eland's gall (|kaggen creates the Moon from) , eland's gall (is pierced) , eland's gall (covers |kaggen's head) , eland's gall (from an eland |kaggen created) , ostrich (|kaggen and the creation of the Moon) , ostrich (name of its place) , ostrich (its feather of thrown in sky) , ostrich (its feather becomes the Moon) , ostrich (|kaggen creates the Moon from its feather) , Moon (|kaggen creates) , Moon (creation of) , Moon (an ostrich feather becomes) , transformation (|kaggen and the creation of the Moon) , transformation (of an ostrich feather into the Moon) , feather (creation of the Moon from an ostrich feather) , feather (|kaggen creates the Moon from an one belonging to the ostrich) , eland (its gall and the creation of the Moon) , eland (|kaggen and the creation of the Moon) , eland (gall from the one created by |kaggen) , creation (of the Moon) , creation (|kaggen and the Moon) , place (of the Ostrich) , place (|kaggen and the Moon)

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