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Story: Stars and flowers


Stars and flowers


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The Stars were formerly people. Some details regarding their singing. The opening of flowers from their buds compared with the former ways of the star. In the Katkop dialect, by Díä!kwãin (L.V.-21. 5660-5668, and 5661 rev.-5663, rev., note). Stars resemble the Moon and used to be people. The stars resemble the budding flowers on trees. The stars burn like little fires.


1) p.5659v: Dia!kwain heard this from his paternal grandmother (Ttuobbo-ken !kauk'si), 2) p.5660v: about the ||garraken bulb (dug up by people), 3) p.5666v: two names for 'another star': !gaunu and !guonni, 4) See also The great star !gaunu, which singing named the stars and !gaunu and A song sung by the star !gaunu, especially by the Bushman women, 5) This story is found in Book V-21


Dia!kwain (David Hoesar) (V)


7 December 1875


Celestial bodies and aeroscopy


stars (and flowers) , stars (in the early times) , stars (!gaunu) , stars (Sirius) , stars (the honey singer) , stars (the Stars were formerly people) , stars (the Star was once a child) , stars (the Star formerly sang of its elder sister) , stars (and flowers) , stars (and the opening of the ≠ku yam and ||garraken flowers) , stars (their appearance) , stars (are things that resemble the Moon) , stars (their names) , stars (the Star !gaunu or !guonni) , stars (and times of the year) , stars (resemble flowers) , stars (the song of) , stars (were formerly a person) , stars (their doings) , stars (the Star's beauty) , stars (!gaunu rejoices) , stars (!gaunu's song) , stars (burn like fires) , flowers (stars and flowers) , flowers (the ≠ku yam) , flowers (the ||garraken is asked by !gaunu to open) , flowers (and the stars) , flowers (and !gaunu) , flowers (resemble the stars) , flowers (and !gaunu's song) , flowers (their budding, sprouting and opening) , flowers (times of the year and the stars) , flowers (their appearance) , !gaunu (the Star) , !gaunu (was formerly a person) , !gaunu (and the names of stars) , !gaunu (and stars) , !gaunu (and flowers) , !gaunu (rejoices) , !gaunu (asks the ||garraken flower to open) , !gaunu (loved the Star) , !gaunu (his song to the Star) , !gaunu (sings to the flowers and stars) , !gaunu (is !guonni) , !gaunu (Sirius) , !gaunu (the honey singer) , !gaunu (sings that the ≠ku yam is the one that opens) , Moon (stars are things that resemble) , Moon (and stars and flowers) , names (of stars) , names (!gaunu is also !guonni) , names (of flowers) , names (and stars and flowers) , names (stars named by !gaunu) , plants (flowers) , plants (stars and flowers) , Early Race (and stars and flowers) , Early Race (the Star was once a child) , Early Race (!gaunu the Star was formerly a person) , Early Race (when the Star formerly sang of its elder sister) , Early Race (stars and flowers in the early times) , song (!gaunu's to the Star) , song (!gaunu's to the flowers and stars) , song (!gaunu sings that the ≠ku yam is the one that opens) , song (and stars and flowers) , fire (stars burn like) , fire (and stars and flowers) , child (the Star was once) , child (and stars and flowers)

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