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Stones must not be thrown at the !kuerri-|nan (a little bird which is supposed to belong to the Rain). The evil effects of so doing exemplified in the case of the narrator’s cousin. In the Katkop dialect, by Díä!kwãin (L V.-21. 5698-5707). Children should respect swallows and not throw stones at them, for fear of being killed or made ill by sorcerers. Kki-a ||ken fainted and got ill after throwing stones at a swallow with some other little boys when he was a child.


1) p.5698v: swallows eat little insects that live in water, 2) pp.5702v & 5703v: see Kki-a-||ken who threw stones at swallows, 3) This story is found in Book V-21


Dia!kwain (David Hoesar) (V)


15 December 1875 (started)


Custom and daily life, History (personal), Plants and animals, The Rain and Rain's water


swallow (called !kuerri-|nan) , swallow (its nature and habits) , swallow (and sorcerers or rainmakers) , swallow (prohibitions relating to) , swallow (goes about with rainclouds) , swallow (is sent by the sorcerer) , swallow (kills people) , swallow (throwing stones at) , swallow (enters into or possesses people) , swallow (resembles sorcerers) , swallow (and the story of Kki-a ||ken) , swallow (is different) , swallow (does not resemble other birds) , swallow (its diet) , swallow (is a rain's thing) , swallow (prohibitions regarding) , swallow (respecting) , swallow (is a magic thing) , swallow (children must not throw stones at) , swallow (treatment of) , magic things (and swallows) , magic things (disrespecting causes death or illness) , magic things (and sorcerers) , magic things (swallows are) , magic things (and Kki-a ||ken who fainted and got ill after throwing stones at a swallow) , magic things (respect for) , magic things (treatment of) , magic things (rain's things) , children (must not throw stones at swallows) , children (must respect magic things or the rain's things) , children (and swallows) , stones (children must not throw them at swallows) , stones (and Kki-a ||ken who fainted and got ill after throwing stones at a swallow) , sorcerers (and swallows) , sorcerers (or rainmakers) , sorcerers (kill people) , sorcerers (and respect for magic things) , sorcerers (and rain's things) , sorcerers (enter people as swallows) , sorcerers (and the story of Kki-a-||ken) , sorcerers (cause illness) , rain (and swallows) , rain (-clouds and swallows) , rain (its things) , rain (and magic things) , rain (and respecting magic things) , rain (and respecting swallows) , rain (the swallow is its thing) , teachings (about respecting the rain's things) , teachings (about sorcerers and their things) , teachings (about swallows that are rain's things) , teachings (about magic things) , respect (and swallows) , respect (teaching of) , respect (for the rain's things) , respect (for sorcerers and their things) , respect (for swallows that are rain's things) , respect (for magic things) , rainmakers (or sorcerers) , rainmakers (kill people) , rainmakers (and respect for magic things) , rainmakers (and rain's things) , rainmakers (enter people as swallows) , rainmakers (and the story of Kki-a-||ken) , education (about respecting the rain's things) , education (about sorcerers and their things) , education (about swallows that are rain's things) , education (about magic things) , illness (and swallows) , illness (caused by sorcerers) , illness (of Kki-a ||ken who fainted and got ill after throwing stones at a swallow) , illness (caused by disrespecting magic things) , name (of a bird which belongs to the rain) , name (of the swallow is !kuerri-|nan) , animals (magic things) , animals (the rain's things) , animals (and swallows) , death (sorcerers kill people who disrespect magic things) , death (and swallows) , death (sorcerers enter people as swallows and kill them or make them ill) , death (and possession) , possession (by swallows) , possession (sorcerers enter people as swallows and kill them or make them ill) , possession (and swallows)

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