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Story: Kki-a-||ken who threw stones at swallows


Kki-a-||ken who threw stones at swallows


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


Regarding various Bushmen. Partly in English after and partly in Bushman (L V.-21. 5702 rev. and 5703 rev.). A note about the child Kki-a-||ken (who had been made very ill after throwing stones at a swallow). He lived and was killed in adulthood by 'half-white' (and half kku'obbo) people. Some biographical details of his relations (he was one of Dia!kwain's cousins) and a description of how he died along with three other |xam. They were driven to a cliff by men on horseback and killed there. This account includes the names of the other man who died with Kki-a-||ken, or Stuurman (Gert Rounabout, ||kum-!kan or Prince Santkop, and Swaart Klaas).


1) See also Swallows, 2) This story is found in Book V-21


Dia!kwain (David Hoesar) (V)


December 1875


History (personal), Relations with others


personal history (of Kki-a-||ken who threw stones at swallows) , personal history (of Dia!kwain's cousin, Kki-a-||ken) , personal history (death of Kki-a-||ken and three other |xam) , death (of Kki-a-||ken and some other |xam) , names (of Kki-a-||ken's relations) , names (of the |xam men killed along with Kki-a-||ken) , swallows (Kki-a-||ken who threw stones at) , stones (throwing at swallows prohibited) , stones (and Kki-a-||ken who threw them at swallows) , illness (of Kki-a-||ken who threw stones at swallows as a child) , illness (and throwing stones at swallows)

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