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Story: The locust bird or ||kerri


The locust bird or ||kerri


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


The locusts (with the locust birds which accompany them) are set free by Sorcerers. Stones not to be thrown at the locusts. (L V.-21. 5708-5719 1/2). The locust bird (or ||kerri) travels about with locust 'flocks' and with sorcerers. Only sorcerers may release locusts from their hole – other people would die. The locusts and the locust birds are dangerous things or 'fighting things'.


1) p.5707v: this story was told to Dia!kwain's mother by the sorceress Tannu !kauken who heard it from her mother; Dutch farmers call the locust bird the springkan vogel, 2) Date on p.5715: 15 December, 3) See also The ||kerri and The locust birds, 4) This story is found in Book V-21


Dia!kwain (David Hoesar) (V)


December 1875


Custom and daily life, Plants and animals, Portention


locusts (and the locust bird or ||kerri) , locusts ('flocks' of) , locusts (and death) , locusts (playing games with) , locusts (the eating of) , locusts (respecting and fearing) , locusts (and sorcerers) , locusts (and opening the hole) , locusts (are shut in the hole) , locusts (prohibitions relating to) , locusts (throwing stones at) , locusts (teachings about) , locusts (are dangerous things or 'fighting things') , locusts (are charmed by sorcerers) , locusts (are let out by sorcerers) , locusts (go about because of magic) , locusts (are magic things) , locusts (and the locust bird, or ||kerri) , locusts (the treatment of) , locusts (avoidance behaviour relating to) , locust bird (||kerri) , locust bird (is like a locust) , locust bird (and the opening of the hole) , locust bird (waits to be let out) , locust bird (and sorcerers) , locust bird (fly with locusts) , locust bird (and locusts) , locust bird (are shut in the hole) , locust bird (are let out by sorcerers) , locust bird (are magic things) , locust bird (are dangerous things or 'fighting things') , death (and locusts and locust birds) , death (and 'killing magic' of sorcerers) , death (locusts and locust birds are dangerous things or 'fighting things') , death (and sorcerers who kill people with magic) , death (and the bad consequences of disrespecting magic things) , sorcerers (and locusts) , sorcerers (kill people with magic) , sorcerers (and respecting magic things) , sorcerers (and the locust bird) , sorcerers (open and roll the stone from the hole) , sorcerers (send locusts to people) , sorcerers (give people locusts to eat) , sorcerers (go about with locusts) , sorcerers (watch how people treat locusts) , sorcerers (their actions when angry) , sorcerers (their 'killing magic') , sorcerers (shut locusts in the hole) , sorcerers (release locusts and locust birds) , sorcerers (charm locusts) , sorcerers ('shoot' at people with magic things) , sorcerers (kill people) , sorcerers (and playing games with locusts) , sorcerers (respecting their things) , magic things (and sorcerers) , magic things (sorcerers 'shoot' at people with) , magic things (and the locust bird or ||kerri) , name (of the locust bird is ||kerri) , teaching (about respecting magic things) , teaching (about respecting locusts and locust birds) , education (about respecting magic things) , education (about respecting locusts and locust birds) , food (eating locusts) , food (sorcerers give people locusts to eat) , food (and the locust bird or ||kerri) , respect (for magic things) , respect (for locusts and locust birds) , stones (not to be thrown at locusts) , stones (and respecting magic things)

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