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How to relieve a little child from the alarm caused by the sound of an earthquake. In the Katkop dialect, by Díä!kwãin (L V.-22. 5728-5735). Earthquakes happen at the time when sorcerers seek people to take away. Shadows must not fall on other people in the early morning because this is when invisible sorcerers can see people and stab them down.


1) p.5727v: this story was told to Dia!kwain by his mother (≠kamme-an); (25 December) the sound an earthquake makes, 2) Date on p.5730: 22 December, 3) pp.5731v-5733v: see Falling stars, 4) p.5735v: the power possessed by dead sorcerers, 5) p.5737v: the time when a person's blood 'lies down', 6) This story is found in Book V-22


Dia!kwain (David Hoesar) (V)


December 1875


Custom and daily life, Portention


earthquake (and the treatment of children who are alarmed) , earthquake (what people do when they hear) , earthquake (the noise it makes) , earthquake (its effects) , earthquake (shakes the ground) , earthquake (a description of) , earthquake (actions performed by mothers during) , earthquake (rituals performed in relation to) , earthquake (and the protection of children's hearts) , earthquake (startles children's hearts) , earthquake (makes children ill) , earthquake (falls down from heaven) , earthquake (reasons for) , earthquake (and death) , earthquake (seeks people who will die) , earthquake (is not good) , earthquake (and sorcerers) , earthquake (teachings about) , earthquake (and sorcerers seeking and taking people) , earthquake (and sorcerers who kill people) , earthquake (and falling stars) , sorcerers (the time when they come quickly) , sorcerers (and the early morning) , sorcerers (and people's blood) , sorcerers (and the throwing of shadows) , sorcerers (are invisible) , sorcerers (actions that bring them) , sorcerers (and earthquakes) , sorcerers (and the fiery star) , sorcerers (and falling stars) , sorcerers (and the death of people) , sorcerers (kill people) , sorcerers (when they seek and take people away) , sorcerers (walk about) , sorcerers (know things) , sorcerers (their actions) , sorcerers (protection against) , sorcerers (teachings about) , sorcerers (avoidance behaviour relating to) , sorcerers (prohibitions relating to) , women (and the actions performed by mothers during earthquakes) , children (when alarmed during an earthquake) , children (and the actions performed by mothers during earthquakes) , children (their hearts startled by earthquake) , children (the protection of their hearts during earthquake) , shadows (and earthquakes) , shadows (the throwing of) , shadows (must not fall on other people in the early morning) , shadows (when they are unfortunate) , shadows (and sorcerers) , shadows (can kill people) , shadows (and when invisible sorcerers can see people and stab them) , blood ('separating lies down') , blood (lies above in the skin) , blood (when full or 'abundant') , blood (and sorcerers) , blood (and the early morning) , blood ('lies down') , blood (and earthquakes) , morning (early) , morning (avoidance behaviour and prohibitions relating to) , morning (and throwing shadows) , morning (and sorcerers' doings) , morning (things done at) , morning (when blood is abundant) , morning (shadows must not fall on other people in the early) , morning (when invisible sorcerers can see people) , death (and earthquakes) , death (and throwing shadows) , death (and sorcerers) , death (and falling stars) , death (when sorcerers seek people to take away) , death (an earthquake seeks people who will die) , hearts (of children startled by earthquake) , hearts (the protection of children's during an earthquake) , illness (of children during an earthquake) , teachings (about sorcerers and earthquakes) , teachings (about throwing shadows in the early morning) , education (about sorcerers and earthquakes) , education (about throwing shadows in the early morning) , stars (and earthquakes) , stars (falling stars and the dead) , stars (sorcerers and the fiery star) , stars (falling stars and the sorcerers)

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