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Story: Healers (sorcerers) and the ||ken dance


Healers (sorcerers) and the ||ken dance


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


The Bushman Doctor or Sorcerer (who may be of either sex.) By /han≠kass’o (L VIII.-20. 7757-7762, 7768-7774). Remarks upon sorcerers, their dress, etc. (in explanation of one of Mr Stow’s copies of Bushman paintings), by Díä!kwãin (L V.-10. 4750, 4755-4757). A curious description of a dance and other doings of sorcerers was given in explanation of No. 3 of Mr Stow’s copies of Bushman paintings (L V.-22. 5755-5775). Further details regarding sorcerers (suggested by Mr J.M. Orpen’s copy of Bushman paintings – published in the Cape Monthly Magazine for July, 1874.) were also given by Díä!kwãin (L V.-25. 6008-6013). Dia!kwain says healers bleed from the nose when doing the ||ken dance. We must smell this blood so it will enter our 'gorge'. The blood of a healer feels like cool water and they are cold inside so must keep on their karosses. A healer who does not care for himself and trembles in his sleep may be found by others who may wish to kill him. The ||ken dance is not easy.


1) See also Mr G. Stow's Bushman picture no. 3 (the ||ken dance) and Picture of Mr Orpen's, 2) Date on p.5767: 31 December, 3) This story is found in Book V-22


Dia!kwain (David Hoesar) (V)


December 1875


Custom and daily life, Healing and ailing


sorcerers (or healers and the ||ken dance) , sorcerers (doings of) , sorcerers (know things) , sorcerers (know their 'mates') , sorcerers (know when other sorcerers are coming) , sorcerers (at night) , sorcerers (their veins) , sorcerers (their work and actions) , sorcerers (when asleep) , sorcerers (why they tremble in their sleep) , sorcerers (their place) , sorcerers (care for themselves) , sorcerers (kill others) , sorcerers (their noses bleed) , sorcerers (and teaching the ||ken dance) , sorcerers (teach sorcery through dance) , sorcerers (tremble) , sorcerers (shudder) , sorcerers (the scent of their blood) , sorcerers (and other sorcerers) , sorcerers (are 'great men') , sorcerers (their sneezing) , sorcerers (becoming) , sorcerers (are never hot) , sorcerers (their karosses) , sorcerers (their magic power) , sorcerers (their magical expeditions) , sorcerers (are cold) , sorcerers (their insides are cold) , trembling (of sorcerers) , trembling (why sorcerers tremble in their sleep) , trembling (and the ||ken dance) , sneezing (of sorcerers) , sneezing (and the ||ken dance) , veins (of sorcerers) , veins (healers and the ||ken dance) , magic power (of sorcerers or healers and the ||ken dance) , magical expeditions (the doings of sorcerers or healers and the ||ken dance) , dance (the sorcerer's ||ken dance) , dance (of the sorcerers or healers) , dance (called ||ken) , ||ken dance (its doings) , ||ken dance (of sorcerers or healers) , ||ken dance (and the teaching of sorcery) , ||ken dance (and becoming a sorcerer) , ||ken dance (and blood) , ||ken dance (and trembling) , ||ken dance (and sneezing) , ||ken dance (is not easy) , ||ken dance (and the 'gorge') , ||ken dance (the movements and actions performed during) , ||ken dance (a description of) , ||ken dance (an explanation of) , blood (must be smelt so it will enter the 'gorge') , blood (healers bleed from the nose when doing the ||ken dance) , blood (and sneezing) , blood (and the ||ken dance) , blood (the nosebleed of the sorcerer) , teaching (of sorcery) , teaching (and the ||ken dance) , teaching (becoming a sorcerer or healer) , name (of the sorcerer's dance is ||ken) , work (by healers or sorcerers) , work (the teaching of sorcery or healing in the sorcerer's ||ken dance) , healing (and healer or sorcerer's ||ken dance) , kaross (healers or sorcerers are cold and must keep on theirs) , kaross (and the healer or sorcerer's ||ken dance)

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