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Story: The crying of the wind is an evil omen


The crying of the wind is an evil omen


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


The crying of the Wind believed to forebode evil. In the Katkop dialect, by Díä!kwãin (L V.-23. 5841-5845).


1) p.5840v: Dia!kwain was told this by his mother (≠kamme-an); the wind's crying sounds like the howling of a dog, 2) pp.5842v-5845v: see |xannay |xannay and the wind, 3) see also |xannan |xannan and The crying of the wind tells beasts of prey where to find people, 4) This story is found in Book V-23


Dia!kwain (David Hoesar) (V)


January 1876


Custom and daily life, Portention


wind (its crying is an evil omen) , wind (foretells evil) , wind (the noises it makes) , wind (foretells death and misfortune) , wind (brings bad news) , wind (howls) , wind (sounds like a dog) , wind (imitates the crying of people) , wind (feels that people will cry) , wind (and sorrow) , wind (accounting for the noise it makes) , death (crying of the wind is an evil omen of) , death (the crying wind foretells) , death (omens of) , presentiment (the crying wind and death) , presentiment (the wind and forebodings of evil) , omen (crying of the wind is an evil) , omen (of death)

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