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Story: |xannan |xannan and the wind


|xannan |xannan and the wind


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A certain old woman named /xannan-/xannan, who had power over the wind. In the Katkop dialect, by Díä!kwãin (L V.-23. 5842 rev., 5845, 5845 rev. and 5846 rev.). The protection extended by the Wind to /xannan-/xannan. (L V.-23. 5862-5871). About the old woman called |xannan |xannan (or ≠na a -an) and what she did with the wind when the people scolded her and made her angry. Dia!kwain's grandfather would ask |xannan |xannan to open her kaross so that the wind would blow out of it and blow away the mosquitos which kept him awake at night.


1) See also |xannan |xannan, 2) This story is found in Book V-22


Dia!kwain (David Hoesar) (V)


January 1876


History (personal), Celestial bodies and aeroscopy


wind (|xannan |xannan and) , wind (its actions) , wind (and sorcery) , wind (windmaking) , wind (and |xannan |xannan's kaross) , wind (asking for) , wind (and Dia!kwain's grandfather) , wind (when angry) , wind (throws things) , wind (blows shelters away) , wind (lays bare) , wind (different types of) , wind (-sorcerer) , wind (and mosquitoes) , wind (blows into karosses) , wind (blows stones and dust into people's eyes) , wind (and angry sorcerers) , wind (and the people's treatment of |xannan |xannan) , windmaking (|xannan |xannan and the wind) , windmaking (by the wind–sorceress |xannan |xannan) , windmaker (or wind–sorcerer) , windmaker (the wind–sorceress called |xannan |xannan) , windmaker (|xannan |xannan and the wind) , wind–sorceress (called |xannan |xannan) , wind–sorceress (|xannan |xannan and the wind) , |xannan |xannan (or ≠na a -an) , |xannan |xannan (the wind-sorceress) , |xannan |xannan (the windmaker) , |xannan |xannan (her kaross makes wind) , |xannan |xannan (makes wind) , |xannan |xannan (has power over the wind) , |xannan |xannan (punishes the people) , |xannan |xannan (the people's treatment of her) , |xannan |xannan (is a wise woman) , |xannan |xannan (makes an angry wind) , |xannan |xannan (Dia!kwain's grandfather asks her for wind) , |xannan |xannan (what she does when angry) , mosquitoes (and the wind) , mosquitoes (and |xannan |xannan and the wind) , mosquitoes (getting rid of) , mosquitoes (preventing) , mosquitoes (are blown away by the wind) , Dia!kwain (his personal history) , Dia!kwain (his grandfather asks |xannan |xannan for wind) , personal history (Dia!kwain's grandfather asks |xannan |xannan for wind) , personal history (|xannan |xannan the wind-sorceress) , kaross (of the windmaker |xannan |xannan) , kaross (|xannan |xannan's makes wind) , sorcerer (wind-sorcerers) , sorcerer (the wind-sorceress or windmaker |xannan |xannan) , sorcerer (their actions when angry) , sorcerer (the treatment of)

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