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|xannan |xannan


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


Resemblance between /xannan–/xannan and an ostrich. In the Katkop dialect, by Díä!kwãin (L V.-23. 5858-5862). The son of /xannan-/xannan. (L V.-23. 5860 rev. and 5861 rev.). The old woman |xannan |xannan did not resemble other people: she resembled an ostrich and also walked like one. She lived at the Sak River with Dia!kwain's people, where he observed her actions firsthand.


1) |xannay |xannay is also spelt |xannan |xannan (in the |xam text transcribed in the notebook); it is not clear if |xannay |xannay can be called a sorcerer, but she did command and 'possess' wind, 2) p.5860v: (11 January 1876) Dia!kwain married |xannay |xannay's son's daughter; the back of his father-in-law's head resembled an ostrich, as did hers; the term 'hare's house' used to describe the back of a person's head, 3) p.5870v: a bird (|kain-|kain) found in Bushmanland, 4) See also |xannay |xannay and the wind, 5) This story is found in Book V-23


Dia!kwain (David Hoesar) (V)


10 January 1876 (started)


History (personal), Celestial bodies and aeroscopy


|xannan |xannan (the wind-sorceress) , |xannan |xannan (the windmaker) , |xannan |xannan (the wind is in her kaross) , |xannan |xannan (how she makes wind) , |xannan |xannan (what happens when she cries) , |xannan |xannan (her son's doings) , |xannan |xannan (a description of her appearance) , |xannan |xannan (her son was Dia!kwain's father-in-law) , |xannan |xannan (makes a strong wind) , |xannan |xannan (the wind blows away her tears) , |xannan |xannan (is a wise woman) , |xannan |xannan (the people's treatment of) , |xannan |xannan (her actions when angry) , |xannan |xannan (is a 'wind's person') , |xannan |xannan (the wind cries with her) , |xannan |xannan (harms the people) , |xannan |xannan (her thoughts and the wind) , |xannan |xannan (the wind does not want her to cry) , |xannan |xannan (does not resemble other people) , |xannan |xannan (resembles an ostrich) , |xannan |xannan (her actions) , |xannan |xannan (has power after death) , |xannan |xannan (the people call her after death) , |xannan |xannan (the people ask her for wind) , |xannan |xannan (her place) , |xannan |xannan (and Dia!kwain) , |xannan |xannan (her personal history) , |xannan |xannan (calling her name) , |xannan |xannan (the wind hears her name being called) , death (spirit–people or dead sorcerers) , death (the people ask spirit–people for wind) , death (dead sorcerers have power after death) , death (and dead wind–sorcerers or windmakers) , death (|xannan |xannan asked for wind) , sorcerers (wind-) , sorcerers (a sorceress called |xannan |xannan) , sorcerers (their power after death) , sorcerers (spirit-people) , sorcerers (people call the name of dead-) , sorcerers (how they harm the people) , wind (what it does when |xannan |xannan cries) , wind (is kept in |xannan |xannan's kaross) , wind (-sorcerer) , wind (|xannan |xannan owns) , wind (blows away |xannan |xannan's tears) , wind (and calling |xannan |xannan's name) , wind (and the death of |xannan |xannan) , wind (its actions when angry) , wind (harms people who mistreat |xannan |xannan) , wind (when strong, it blows away the earth) , wind (the people call for) , wind (the people ask the spirit-people for) , wind (the people ask |xannan |xannan for) , wind (what the people say when it blows strongly) , wind (it hears |xannan |xannan's name) , wind (different types of) , wind (windmaking) , wind (windmakers) , Dia!kwain (his personal history) , Dia!kwain (and |xannan |xannan, the wind-sorceress) , places (the Sak River) , places (Dia!kwain's) , places (|xannay |xannay's) , places (names of) , personal history (of |xannan |xannan, the wind sorceress) , personal history (of Dia!kwain and his relations) , windmaking (and |xannan |xannan, the wind sorceress) , windmaking (and asking wind–sorcerers for wind) , spirit–people (the people ask them for wind) , spirit–people (dead sorcerers have power after death) , spirit–people (and dead wind–sorcerers or windmakers) , kaross (wind in that of |xannan |xannan, the wind sorceress) , kaross (and windmaking) , name (wind blows when it hears |xannan |xannan's called) , name (calling and asking wind–sorcerers for wind) , name (of places) , name (the Sak River) , windmaker (wind–sorcerer) , windmaker (the wind–sorceress called |xannan |xannan) , ostrich (the wind–sorceress |xannan |xannan resembles one)

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