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Story: Jan Plat's story about his brother Ruyter


Jan Plat's story about his brother Ruyter


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


Information regarding the family of 'Jan Plat' (a mixed Namaqua Hottentot and Bushman) was taken down, in English, after Díä!kwãin (L V.-23. 5872, 5871 rev. and 6872 rev., 25. 6006 rev., note). 'Ruyter' (a relative of the preceding). In the Katkop dialect, by Díä!kwãin (L V.-23. 5873-5880). About the man called Ruyter (brother to Jan Plat); the names of his relations in |xam and Dutch and some details about them. Ruyter was brought up by white men and beaten to death by a Dutch man ('Boer') called Koos Struys who accused him of not herding sheep well.


1) p.5871v: this story was looked over with Jan Plat at Mowbray on 7 January 1884; details about Jan Plat's genealogy, 2) p.5872v: Jan Plat's family's place (Springkan's kolk), 3) p.5877v: the Dutch man ('Boer') who brought up Jan Plat and where this man lived (he was married to a coloured woman), 4) p.5878v: the 'Boer' master (Koos Struys) who killed Ruyter, 5) This story is found in Book V-23


Dia!kwain (David Hoesar) (V)


20 – 26 January 1876


History (personal), Relations with others


|xam (their relations with others) , |xam (farmers) , |xam ('master') , |xam (white men) , |xam ('Boers') , |xam (the 'Boer' masters) , |xam (the Dutch) , |xam (|xam killed by Boers) , |xam (|xam beaten) , |xam (the death of Jan Plat's brother Ruyter who was beaten to death) , Dutch (the 'Boer' who beat Jan Plat's brother Ruyter to death) , Boer (Dutch man) , Boer (who killed Jan Plat's brother Ruyter) , names (of Jan Plat and Ruyter's relations) , names (of 'Boers' or Dutch masters) , names (name of the man who beat Ruyter to death) , white man (who raised Jan Plat's brother Ruyter) , white man (Ruyter's murder by a 'Boer') , white man (the treatment of |xam by) , white man (and the killing of |xam) , white man ('Boers' or Dutch men) , white man (farmers) , white man ('master') , white man (names of) , white man (and Jan Plat and Ruyter's personal history) , genealogy (of Jan Plat and his brother Ruyter) , Ruyter (his personal history) , Ruyter (his death) , Ruyter (and Jan Plat, his brother) , Jan Plat (his story about the death of his brother Ruyter) , Jan Plat (the names of his relations) , Jan Plat (his personal history) , personal history (of Jan Plat and his brother, Ruyter) , death (of |xam) , death (of Jan Plat's brother Ruyter who was beaten to death by a 'Boer') , work (performed by |xam) , work (sheep-herding) , work (done by Jan Plat's brother, Ruyter)

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