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Story: Baboons and the ≠gebbi-ggu


Baboons and the ≠gebbi-ggu


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


The Bushmen are said to have learnt the ≠gebbi–ggu from the Baboons, by whom it is still believed to be played. It was formerly, it is said, played also by the Ostrich and the Lion; but they fought and lost the power of playing it, becoming merely wild animals. (On page 12 of Dr. Bleek’s 'Second Report concerning Bushman Researches' (Cape Town, 1875), mention is made of a fable entitled, 'The Lion jealous of the voice of the Ostrich'.) In this piece, the above–mentioned quarrel between Lion and the Ostrich and the game of ≠gebbi–ggu is related. The Baboon, on the contrary, still understands like a man, and speaks, sounding like one. In the Katkop dialect, by Díä!kwãin (L V.-23. 5884-5890.) The ≠gebbi–ggu, as performed among the Grass Bushmen, was described by /han≠kass’o (L VIII.-22. 7978 and 7979). The Baboon taught the ≠gebbi-ggu in the earlier times when Lions and Ostriches sang the ≠gebbi-ggu along with the Baboon. Only the baboon still speaks and understands and sings the ≠gebbi-ggu, sounding like a man.


1) Date on p.5886: 27 January, 2) See also The story of the lions and the ostriches (when they were people) and Baboons dance the ≠gebbi-ggu and The |goo or ≠gebbi-gu, 3) This story is found in Book V-23


Dia!kwain (David Hoesar) (V)


January 1876


History (Early Race), Custom and daily life


≠gebbi-ggu (baboons and) , ≠gebbi-ggu (the teaching of) , ≠gebbi-ggu (the Baboons taught it to the people) , ≠gebbi-ggu (dancing and singing of) , ≠gebbi-ggu (the songs of) , ≠gebbi-ggu (baboons sing and understand) , ≠gebbi-ggu (and the Lion) , ≠gebbi-ggu (and the Ostrich) , ≠gebbi-ggu (and the time when animals were people) , ≠gebbi-ggu (and why the Ostrich and the Lion became animals) , ≠gebbi-ggu (the Lion and the Ostrich's fight over) , ≠gebbi-ggu (and the Early Race) , ≠gebbi-ggu (why baboons sound like people) , ≠gebbi-ggu (people call it like the baboon does) , ≠gebbi-ggu (calls and noises made during) , Early Race (the time when animals were formerly people) , Early Race (the Baboons and the ≠gebbi-ggu) , Early Race (why Baboons, Lions and Ostriches became animals) , songs (or tunes of ≠gebbi-ggu) , songs (and baboons and the ≠gebbi-ggu) , dancing (and singing of ≠gebbi-ggu) , dancing (and baboons and the ≠gebbi-ggu) , animals (baboons and the ≠gebbi-ggu) , animals (when people became) , animals (the Lion and the Ostrich's fight over the ≠gebbi-ggu) , animals (why the baboon sounds like a man) , animals (why Lions and Ostriches became animals) , Lion (why the ≠gebbi-ggu left it) , Lion (was formerly a person) , Lion (why it became an animal) , Lion (its fight with the Ostrich over the ≠gebbi-ggu) , baboon (and the ≠gebbi-ggu) , baboon (Baboon taught people the ≠gebbi-ggu) , baboon (was formerly a person) , baboon (understands like a man) , baboon (understands the speech of people) , baboon (calls the ≠gebbi-ggu) , baboon (sounds like a person) , baboon (why it understands) , Ostrich (why the ≠gebbi-ggu left it) , Ostrich (was formerly a person) , Ostrich (why it became an animal) , Ostrich (its fight with the Lion over the ≠gebbi-ggu) , fight (the ≠gebbi-ggu's) , fight (between the Lion and the Ostrich's over the ≠gebbi-ggu) , fight (baboons and the ≠gebbi-ggu) , teaching (Baboon taught people the ≠gebbi-ggu) , speech (baboon understands human) , speech (baboons and the ≠gebbi-ggu) , game (called ≠gebbi-ggu) , game (baboons and the ≠gebbi-ggu) , name (of a game, the ≠gebbi-ggu) , name (baboons and the ≠gebbi-ggu)

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