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Story: Means of defending a dog from baboons


Means of defending a dog from baboons


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


A means of defending a dog from a Baboon, by telling him that it belongs to a young woman. (L V.-24. 5948-5956). The people deceive the baboons and the baboons act as if they were not intending to kill the dog, but merely wanted to play with it.


1) p.5947v: this story was told to Dia!kwain by his father (Xaa-ttin), 2) This story is found in Book V-24


Dia!kwain (David Hoesar) (V)


4 February 1876 (started)


Custom and daily life


baboons (defending a dog from) , baboons (want dogs to fear it) , baboons (and women's things) , baboons (leave a girl's dog alone) , baboons (making them ashamed) , baboons (will not look straight at a girl's dog) , baboons (fear a girl's dog) , baboons (what the people say to) , baboons (and a girl's things) , baboons (girls make them ashamed) , baboons (defending and protecting a dog from) , baboons (their nature and habits) , baboons (their actions with dogs) , baboons (hunting them with dogs) , dog (defending and protecting it from baboons) , dog (and hunting baboons) , dog (used for hunting) , dog (is a girl's thing) , dog (baboons fears a girl's) , dog (baboons are ashamed of a girl's) , women (women's things) , women (girl's thing) , women (leave a girl's dog alone) , women (and defending a dog from baboons) , hunting (baboons) , hunting (protecting dogs used for) , hunting (defending dogs from baboons)

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