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Story: Baboons dance the ≠gebbi-ggu


Baboons dance the ≠gebbi-ggu


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


The Baboons are also said to assemble together and play at the ≠gebbi–ggu, at night, like the Bushmen, singing like the Bushman women, and imitating the songs which they have heard the people sing. (L V.-25. 5998-6005). When baboons live near people they watch them holding the ≠gebbi-ggu and sing the same tune the women sing. One baboon sings for the others to follow and the people also do it this way.


1) p.5997v: Dia!kwain heard this story from his father (Xaa-ttin), 2) ≠gebbi-ggu is spelt in various ways throughout the stories in which it occurs, for instance ≠gebbi-gu, 3) pp.5997v-6001v: (missing p.5999v) (20 February) A continuation of the story of the Quagga (see Quagga makes flour) who ate bitter bulle, 4) p.6000v: Dia!kwain says that in nature |kaggen (the Mantis) 'is the eland's' and not the Hartebeest's, 4) p.6005v: some of the positions and movements of the dancers of the ≠gebbi-ggu, 5) p.6006v: see Jan Plat's aunt Natta sang the ≠gebbi-ggu (see also p.6007v); the farmers call the ≠gebbi-ggu the |ki, 6) See also The story of the lions and the ostriches (when they were people) and Baboons and ≠gebbi-ggu, 7) This story is found in Book V-25


Dia!kwain (David Hoesar) (V)


19 – 22 February 1876


Custom and daily life, Plants and animals


dance (baboons dance the ≠gebbi-ggu) , game (baboons dance the ≠gebbi-ggu) , ≠gebbi-ggu (baboons dance) , ≠gebbi-ggu (calling it) , ≠gebbi-ggu (is danced at night) , ≠gebbi-ggu (dancing it) , ≠gebbi-ggu (performing it) , ≠gebbi-ggu (baboons imitate the people's) , ≠gebbi-ggu (teaching of) , ≠gebbi-ggu (its doings) , ≠gebbi-ggu (songs and tunes of) , ≠gebbi-ggu (animal calls in) , ≠gebbi-ggu (and the imitation of animal calls) , ≠gebbi-ggu (roles of women and men in) , baboons (dance the ≠gebbi-ggu) , baboons (Baboons taught people the ≠gebbi-ggu) , baboons (resemble and imitate people) , baboons (their nature and habits) , baboons (sing and dance the ≠gebbi-ggu) , baboons (know the ≠gebbi-ggu) , baboons (watch people hold the ≠gebbi-ggu) , teaching (Baboons taught people the ≠gebbi-ggu) , songs (and tunes of the ≠gebbi-ggu) , songs (singing and dancing the ≠gebbi-ggu) , songs (baboons dance the ≠gebbi-ggu) , animal (calls imitated in the ≠gebbi-ggu)

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