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Story: Picture of Mr Orpen's


Picture of Mr Orpen's


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


A curious description of a dance and other doings of sorcerers was given in explanation of No. 3 of Mr Stow’s copies of Bushman paintings (L V.-22. 5755-5775). Further details regarding sorcerers (suggested by Mr J.M. Orpen’s copy of Bushman paintings – published in the Cape Monthly Magazine for July, 1874) were also given by Díä!kwãin (L V.-25. 6008-6013). People who die of 'sorcery' without feeling ill and how sorcerers strengthen their senses. They are not ordinary people.


1) p.6007v: Dia!kwain heard this story from his mother (≠kamme-an); a note on the thing held by the dancer in Orpen's picture seen in Cape Monthly Magazine (of July 1874); the |xam and Dutch name of a tortoise-shell in which buchu is kept; see Jan Plat's aunt Natta sang the ≠gebbi-ggu (see also p.6006v), 2) p.6008v: |xam names for animals (namely tortoises), 3) See also Mr G. Stow's Bushman picture no. 3 (the ||ken dance) and Sorcerers and the ||ken dance, 4) This story is found in Book V-25


Dia!kwain (David Hoesar) (V)


20 February 1876


Custom and daily life, Portention


magic things (and Mr Orpen's picture of sorcerers) , magic things (possessions of sorcerers) , sorcery (kills people) , sorcery (people who die of) , sorcery ('smelling') , sorcery (and Mr Orpen's picture of sorcerers) , Orpen's picture (a description of) , Orpen's picture (a discussion of) , Orpen's picture (of magical doings) , Orpen's picture (of sorcery) , Orpen's picture (of sorcerers) , sorcerers (in Mr Orpen's picture) , sorcerers (their rituals and ceremonies) , sorcerers (strengthen themselves) , sorcerers (their doings) , sorcerers (their power) , sorcerers (assume other forms) , sorcerers (their actions) , sorcerers (know things) , sorcerers (sense and see things) , sorcerers (their possessions) , sorcerers (their magic things) , sorcerers (smell people who die) , sorcerers (and death) , sorcerers (things that strengthen their senses) , sorcerers (people's treatment of) , sorcerers (bewitch and kill people) , sorcerers (have things whose bodies they are) , ceremony (of sorcerers in which they strengthen themselves) , ceremony (and Mr Orpen's picture of sorcerers) , transformation (and Mr Orpen's picture of sorcerers) , transformation (sorcerers assume other forms) , death (people who are killed by sorcery) , death (and Mr Orpen's picture of sorcerers) , death (sorcerers smell people who die) , rock art (Mr Orpen's picture of sorcerers) , rock art (Orpen's copies of Bushman paintings) , paintings (Mr Orpen's picture of sorcerers) , paintings (Orpen's copies of Bushman)

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