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Story: The telephonus (!koroken !koroken)


The telephonus (!koroken !koroken)


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The !kóroken-!kóroken (Telophonus . . .) must not be mocked by the Bushman children. The result of so doing described. In the Katkop dialect, by Díä!kwãin (L V.-25. 6014-6024). The !kóroken-!kóroken is said also to know what is passing at a distance, and to come and tell things to the Bushmen. Partly in English after and partly in Bushman (L V.-25. 6021 rev. and 6022 rev.). It comes and tells people the bad things it knows about. It tries to make people understand what it is telling by coming to them again. According to Dia!kwain there are many stories about it.


1) This story is found in Book V-25


Dia!kwain (David Hoesar) (V)


1 March 1876 (started)


Custom and daily life, Plants and animals, Portention


bird (the !koroken !koroken or the telephonus) , bird (name of) , telephonus (!koroken !koroken) , telephonus (bird) , telephonus (avoiding playing with its name) , telephonus (prohibitions relating to) , telephonus (the consequences of mocking it) , telephonus (disrespecting) , telephonus (the nature and habits of) , telephonus (knows things) , telephonus (knows evil) , telephonus (brings bad news) , telephonus (its call) , telephonus (tells people things) , telephonus (knows what happens far away) , telephonus (cuts a person's foot) , telephonus (makes people lame) , telephonus (teachings about) , telephonus (why it comes to people) , name (avoiding playing with the !koroken !koroken's) , respect (for the !koroken !koroken bird) , respect (avoiding playing with or mocking the !koroken !koroken's name) , !koroken !koroken (bird) , !koroken !koroken (telephonus) , !koroken !koroken (avoiding playing with its name) , !koroken !koroken (prohibitions relating to) , !koroken !koroken (the consequences of mocking it) , !koroken !koroken (disrespecting) , !koroken !koroken (the nature and habits of) , !koroken !koroken (knows things) , !koroken !koroken (knows evil) , !koroken !koroken (brings bad news) , !koroken !koroken (its call) , !koroken !koroken (tells people things) , !koroken !koroken (knows what happens far away) , !koroken !koroken (cuts a person's foot) , !koroken !koroken (makes people lame) , !koroken !koroken (teachings about) , !koroken !koroken (why it comes to people) , omens (and a bird called the !koroken !koroken or the telephonus) , omens (!koroken !koroken knows things) , omens (!koroken !koroken knows evil) , omens (!koroken !koroken brings bad news) , omens (!koroken !koroken's call) , omens (!koroken !koroken tells people things) , omens (!koroken !koroken knows what happens far away) , call (of the !koroken !koroken or telephonus bird) , teachings (about respecting the !koroken !koroken or telephonus bird; about some of its doings) , education (about respecting the !koroken !koroken or telephonus bird; about some of its doings)

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