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Story: Quagga makes flour


Quagga makes flour


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A description of the preparation of Meal, from the !kaùru ( . . . . . ) berries, was given, in the Katkop dialect, by Díä!kwãin. This is said to have been done formerly by the Quagga, in the days when she was a woman, and carried a sieve (L V.-25. 5997 rev.-6001 rev., note). In Early Times the Quagga and the Baboon were people. The Quagga possessed a mat or a sieve that she used when making flour or meal out of roasted and ground-up berries.


1) Told to Dia!kwain by his father Xaa-ttin, 2) The verso page numbers written in pencil at the top of the story pages are not in the proper sequence: p.5999v is missing and reads p.5998v, followed by p.6000v, 3) This story is found in Book V-25


Dia!kwain (David Hoesar) (V)


19 February 1876 (started)


History (Early Race), Artefact and dress


Early Race (Quagga makes flour) , Early Race (the Quagga and Baboons were formerly people) , Quagga (makes flour from !kauru berries) , Quagga (accounting for the food eaten by quaggas) , Quagga (was formerly a person) , Quagga (makes flour) , Quagga (makes meal) , Quagga (makes bitter bulle) , Quagga (her sieve) , Quagga (makes a sieve from her mat) , Quagga (was a woman) , food (the preparation of meal or flour) , food (and the story of the Quagga who makes flour using a sieve) , food (the making of flour from !kauru berries) , food (names of various) , food (eaten by quaggas) , names (of foodstuffs) , names (of berries, !kauru, used in making flour) , names (bitter bulle) , names (Quagga makes flour) , mat (belonging to Quagga who makes flour) , mat (Quagga makes a sieve from hers) , mat (sieve made from) , flour (or meal) , flour (Quagga makes) , flour (the making of) , flour (sieving) , sieve (the Quagga's) , sieve (made from a mat) , sieve (for flour or meal) , sieve (Quagga makes flour)

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