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Story: The old man's song (written again separately, from ≠girri-sse's dictation)


The old man's song (written again separately, from ≠girri-sse's dictation)


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


The Old Man, the Little Hare, and the Lions. Related by ≠giri–sse (L VII.-1. 6032-6040, partly translated). A fragment of the above story was also related by ≠giri–sse (L VII.-1. 6031). Explanatory note in the Katkop dialect, by Díä!kwãin (L VII.-1. 6031 rev. and 6032 rev.). An untranslated version of the song of the old man who calls for mist (/kumm) to come to the 'killing place' as he hops away from the Lions (after cutting off his bad leg).


1) p.6039v: the name of the mist in the song is |kumm (according to both Jan Ronebout and Dia!kwain), 2) See also Fragment of a story about the old man, the little Hare and the travelling Lions, 3) This story is found in Book VII-1


≠gerri-sse (Jan Ronebout)


3 December 1875




mist (called |kumm) , mist (and the old man who cuts off his leg) , mist (a song to) , mist (the old man calls to) , mist (comes to the 'killing place') , mist (the old man's song) , song (to the mist called |kumm) , song (of the old man who escapes the Lions) , name (the old man's song to the mist called |kumm) , Lions (the old man's song) , Lions (and the old man who escapes them by cutting off his leg)

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