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Story: From 'Jan Plat' at Charlton House, Mowbray


From 'Jan Plat' at Charlton House, Mowbray


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


Some words and sentences given by Jan Plat at Charlton House in Mowbray. The contribution includes some personal details, such the names of some of his relations. On p.6046c Lloyd notes that Jan Plat and Dia!kwain left Calvinia together. Words and Sentences. Given by 'Jan Plat' (L VII.-1. 6046a-6046c).


1) Date on p.6046a-opp: 9 January 1884; information about Jan Plat's family: his son is in service and Jan Plat and his wife want the boy back 'badly'; where his wife is, 2) This story is found in Book VII-1


Jan Plat


3 January 1884 (started)


Words and sentences, History (personal)


words and sentences (given by Jan Plat at Mowbray) , personal history (of Jan Plat, given at Mowbray) , genealogy (of Jan Plat, given at Mowbray) , names (of Jan Plat's relations) , Jan Plat (his genealogy) , Jan Plat (the names of his relations) , Jan Plat (his personal history) , Jan Plat (his travels with Dia!kwain) , Jan Plat (at Charlton House, Mowbray) , Mowbray (Jan Plat at Charlton House) , Charlton House (Jan Plat at, in Mowbray) , Dia!kwain (his travels with Jan Plat) , Dia!kwain (and Jan Plat at Charlton House, Mowbray)

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