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Story: Personal history of Friedrich Hortnoop


Personal history of Friedrich Hortnoop


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


Name and other information regarding 'Friedrich Hortnoop', a relative of Díä!kwãin’s (L VII.-1. 6046f, 60461, 6046k rev.). Some personal information given about Jan Plat's travelling companion, a |xam called Friedrich Hortnoop (or Frederick Hottentot) including the date and place of his trial and a brief physical description. His prisoner number was 7061. Friedrich Hortnoop left Mowbray in the company of Jan Plat on 10 January 1884 to return to Bushmanland. His grandfather was Dia!kwain's father's brother.


1) Date on p.6046l: 4 January 1883, 2) p.6046 kv: copied at Mowbray on 10 January 1884 from the pass of Frederick Hottentot or Friedrich Hortnoop (prisoner no.7061) and the date and place of his trial as well as a brief physical description, 4) This story is found in Book VII-1


Dia!kwain (David Hoesar) (V), Friedrich Hortnoop


4 January 1883


History (personal)


Friedrich Hortnoop (his height) , Friedrich Hortnoop (his age) , Friedrich Hortnoop (his prison record) , Friedrich Hortnoop (his prisoner number) , Friedrich Hortnoop (his return to Bushmanland) , Friedrich Hortnoop (left Mowbray with Jan Plat) , Friedrich Hortnoop (was related to Dia!kwain) , Friedrich Hortnoop (or Frederick Hottentot) , Friedrich Hortnoop (a physical description of) , Friedrich Hortnoop (details of his trial) , Friedrich Hortnoop (his personal history) , Friedrich Hortnoop (his place) , Friedrich Hortnoop (his origins) , Friedrich Hortnoop (the names of his relations) , Friedrich Hortnoop (his genealogy) , places (and Friedrich Hortnoop) , places (Friedrich Hortnoop's) , places (Borste Doorns) , places (Brandvlei) , places (Zak River) , places (Ondertste Doorns) , places (Namaqualand) , places (names of) , names (of places in Bushmanland) , names (and Friedrich Hortnoop's personal history) , names (of Friedrich Hortnoop's relations) , genealogy (of Friedrich Hortnoop) , genealogy (Friedrich Hortnoop's personal history) , personal history (of Friedrich Hortnoop) , Jan Plat (Friedrich Hortnoop left Mowbray with) , Jan Plat (Friedrich Hortnoop's personal history)

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