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Story: The personal histories of various people


The personal histories of various people


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


Names of various Bushmen and Bushman women, with information regarding them.–Partly in Bushman by and partly in English after lhan≠kass’o. (L VIII.–1. 6078–6081, 4. 6370 rev., Note, 11. 6969 rev., Note 14. 7278 and 7277 rev., 20. 7749 and 7750, 7750 rev., 7748 rev. and 7749 rev., 27. 8437, 8435 rev. and 8436 rev., 31. 8744 rev., 8772 rev., 32. 8808 rev.) Biographical information about some |xam individuals and their relations.


1) p.6078v: notes on some |xam genealogies, 2) This story is found in Book VIII-1


|han≠kass'o (Klein Jantje) (VIII)


18 January 1878 (given on or about)


History (personal), Relations with others


names (of |xam individuals and their relations) , names (the giving of) , names (the calling of) , names (little) , names (great) , names (nick-) , names (of places) , names (of white men) , names (of farmers) , names (personal histories of |xam) , personal history (of various |xam) , genealogy (of |xam) , genealogy (personal histories of |xam) , place (the Breakwater Convict Station) , place (names of) , place (personal histories of |xam) , Boers (the Dutch) , Boers (|xam relations with) , Boers (personal histories of |xam) , Breakwater Convict Station (|xam held there) , Breakwater Convict Station (|xam who died there) , Breakwater Convict Station (personal histories of |xam) , names (of |xam and their relations) , names (personal histories of |xam) , family (personal histories of |xam) , Dutch ('Boer') , Dutch (masters) , Dutch (|xam relations with) , Dutch (personal histories of |xam)

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