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Story: Arrowheads




Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


Arrow making, and Arrow poisoning. (L VIII.-26. 8293-8302, 8315-8334). Two kinds of Arrow. (L VIII.-10. 6923 rev. and 6924 rev., note). Arrow heads, etc. (L VIII.-1. 6086 and 6087). Description of the spur, or barblet, sometimes added to the Arrow shaft by Bushmen. (L VIII.-31. 8770–8773, and 8767 rev., note). The adhesive substance used by Bushmen is making Arrows. Preparation thereof. (L VIII.-1. 6088-6091). The marking of Arrows. (L VIII.-26. 8289-8392). Arrow Bags. (L VIII. 30. 8663 rev., note). About the making of arrow-heads: the head is made from a white stone and fixed into the end of a reed; they are used for shooting springbok.


1) p.6085v: it appears that iron-headed arrow-points are not well made and look like little knives, compared with |han≠kass'o's stone-tipped ones, 2) see also The adhesive substance (|kwae) used in arrowmaking and its preparation for use, 3) This story is found in Book VIII-1


|han≠kass'o (Klein Jantje) (VIII)


January 1878


Artefact and dress, Custom and daily life


arrowhead (made of stone) , arrowhead (made of iron) , arrowhead (for shooting springbok) , arrowhead (the stone used to make) , arrowhead (the making of) , arrowhead (and witteklip) , arrow (arrowheads) , arrow (|xam names for the parts of) , arrow (the different parts of) , arrow (poisoned) , arrow (its head) , arrow (the making of) , arrow (looks like a little knife) , arrow (a reed used in the making of) , arrow (for shooting springbok) , springbok (arrowheads for shooting them are not poisoned) , springbok (the making of arrows used for shooting) , hunting (and the making of arrows) , hunting (and the poisoning of arrowheads) , hunting (the arrows used for shooting springbok) , poison (used on arrowheads) , poison (names of) , poison (and the arrows used for shooting springbok) , stones (names of) , stones (used to make arrowheads) , stones (witteklip) , names (of stone used to make arrowheads) , names (for the different parts of arrows) , names (of poisons)

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