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Story: Want of rain


Want of rain


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Drought. By /han≠kass’o (L VIII.-1. 6102–6106). When the west wind turns back the rain-clouds there is a drought or 'want' of rain and the people are thirsty and have to travel far to fetch water.


1) This story is found in Book VIII-1


|han≠kass'o (Klein Jantje) (VIII)


23 January 1878


The Rain and Rain's water, Celestial bodies and aeroscopy


rain (want of rain) , rain (and the wind) , rain (rain-clouds turned back by the west wind) , rain (and drought) , rain (and hunger) , rain (and thirst) , west wind (is called wurri) , west wind (and want of rain) , west wind (and thirst) , west wind (and drought) , west wind (turns back rain-clouds) , sun (want of rain) , sun (and drought) , sun (people are 'slaughtered' by) , sun (and the west wind) , drought (and want of rain) , drought (thirst and hunger) , drought (fetching water and finding food during) , drought (and the west wind) , drought (places where food is found during) , drought (the finding of gambro) , food (finding in times of drought) , food (and want of rain) , food (eaten during drought) , food (names of foodstuffs) , food (gambro) , food (places where it is found) , name (of the west wind is wurri) , name (and want of rain) , name (of foodstuffs) , name (gambro) , water (finding during drought) , water (and want of rain) , water (thirst) , water (and the west wind) , water (people have to travel far to fetch) , wind (and want of rain) , wind (drought and the west wind)

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