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Story: When Bushmen were springbucks and cried


When Bushmen were springbucks and cried


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


In the Early Times, when people were springboks, they cried like children when |kaggen (the Mantis) shot them. |kaggen said they should become people because of how they cried. ...It was also stated by him that the Bushmen were formerly Springbok, and were changed into Bushmen by the Mantis (L VIII.-4. 6365 rev.).


1) This story is found in Book VIII-4


|han≠kass'o (Klein Jantje) (VIII)


March 1878


History (Early Race), |kaggen (the Mantis)


Early Race (the time of the First Bushmen) , Early Race (when 'Bushmen were springbucks and cried') , Early Race (when |kaggen shot the 'springbuck') , Early Race (when the Springbok became people) , |kaggen (the Mantis) , |kaggen (and First Bushmen) , |kaggen (shot the 'springbucks' who cried) , |kaggen (changed the Springbok into people) , First Bushmen (of the Early Race) , First Bushmen (were once 'springbucks' or Springbok and cried) , First Bushmen (|kaggen changed the springbok into) , Springbok (the 'springbuck') , Springbok (when 'Bushmen were springbucks and cried') , Springbok (were changed into people by |kaggen) , Springbok (became people because of how they cried) , transformation (of the Springbok into people by |kaggen) , transformation (when 'Bushmen were springbucks and cried') , transformation (Springbok became people because of how they cried) , |xam (were formerly Springbok) , |xam (were changed into people by |kaggen) , |xam (when 'Bushmen were springbucks and cried') , |xam (in the Early Times)

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