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Story: Notes to the story of The Wind


Notes to the story of The Wind


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


The Wind thought to be seen, in the form of a bird, by the brother–in–law of the narrator when a child. By /han≠kass’o (L VIII.-8. 6713-6724). ||goo-ka-!kui (Smoke's man, or Witbooi Tooren) told |han≠kass'o that he had seen the Wind at the mountains at Haarfontein (or ≠ko a xa) and had thrown a stone at it, thinking it to be a bird. As a result the Wind blew hard and took up dust.


1) p.6712v: Smoke's man, or Witbooi Tooren (||kabbo's son and |han≠kass'o's brother-in-law), 2) p.6713v: Smoke's man's master, Jacob Kotze, 3) p.6717v: Africander and Farland sheep, including |xam and Dutch names for them, 4) p.6719v: the 'Bastaard's' sheep, wagons, kraal and shepherding, 5) p.6720v: at the time of this story Smoke's man was a child, 6) p.6721v: Smoke's man's masters were Bastards ('Bastaards'), 7) See also The Wind and The son of the Wind, 8) This story is found in Book VIII-8


|han≠kass'o (Klein Jantje) (VIII)


20 April 1878 (started)


History (personal), Relations with others


Wind ('took up' dust) , Wind (the actions of when angry) , Wind (and the people) , Wind (the place where ||goo-ka-!kui saw it) , Wind (at Haarfontein) , Wind (takes the form of a bird) , Wind (and ||goo-ka-!kui who threw stones at it in a bird's form) , ||goo-ka-!kui (Smoke's man, Witbooi Tooren) , ||goo-ka-!kui (his master's name) , ||goo-ka-!kui (his personal history) , ||goo-ka-!kui (and the Wind) , ||goo-ka-!kui (angered the Wind) , ||goo-ka-!kui (threw stones at the Wind) , ||goo-ka-!kui (was a shepherd) , ||goo-ka-!kui (and |han≠kass'o) , ||goo-ka-!kui (and the Bastards) , bird (the Wind takes its form) , bird (||goo-ka-!kui threw stones at the Wind in its form) , transformation (the Wind takes a bird's form) , transformation (||goo-ka-!kui threw stones at the Wind in a bird's form) , sheep (shepherded by ||goo-ka-!kui) , sheep (their nature and habits) , sheep (that make their way home alone) , sheep (the names of different types of) , name (of a Bastard) , name (of |han≠kass'o's relations) , name (of a mountain) , name (of different kinds of sheep) , name (of ||goo-ka-!kui's master and his wife) , name (||goo-ka-!kui's other names) , name (of 'Boers' or Dutch) , Bastard ('Bastaard') , Bastard (and the |xam) , Bastard (does not give food 'liberally') , Bastard (||goo-ka-!kui's master is a) , Bastard (the name of a) , work (done by |xam) , work (shepherding) , work (done by ||goo-ka-!kui) , |han≠kass'o (his brother–in–law ||goo-ka-!kui who threw stones at the Wind in the form of a bird)

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