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Story: Song of the !kau's child


Song of the !kau's child


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


The song of the !khau lizard's child, which it sings while following its father home after he has cut off his own flesh.


1) p.7155v: this song is sung with the mouth, 2) See also The !kau who brought home his own flesh as food and The death of the !kau (a lizard of the genus Agama) and Remarks by |han≠kass'o on the preceding story (The death of the !kau), 3) This story is found in Book VIII-13


|han≠kass'o (Klein Jantje) (VIII)


July 1878


Poetry, History (Early Race)


song (verse) , song (poetry) , song (of the !khau's child) , song (to the 'lizard-scrap') , song (how it is sung) , song (sung 'with the mouth') , song (and the Early Race) , !khau (or !kau) , !khau (Agama lizard) , !khau ('lizard-scrap') , !khau (his child's song) , !khau (his flesh) , !khau (a person of the Early Race) , !khau (who was formerly a man) , Early Race (or First Bushmen, or !xwe ||na ss'o !kui) , Early Race (and the song of the !khau's child) , child (the song of the !khau's) , speech (the song of the !khau's child is sung 'with the mouth') , lizard (!khau or !kau) , lizard (Agama lizard) , lizard (song of the !khau's child) , names (|xam, for the Agama lizard) , Agama lizard (!khau or !kau) , Agama lizard (song of the !khau's child)

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