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Story: Springbok ewes and lamb's cries


Springbok ewes and lamb's cries


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


The mother springbok makes sounds to her kid as she travels and the young springbok responds: the mothers grunt and the kids bleat.


1) p.7239v: a note which suggests that hunters or others imitate the sounds of the springbok, 2) This story is found in Book VIII-14


|han≠kass'o (Klein Jantje) (VIII)


23 – 24 July 1878


Plants and animals


springbok (people imitate the sounds of) , springbok (males 'stand') , springbok (herd) , springbok (what the 'children' say) , springbok (what the 'mothers' say) , springbok (sounds made by) , springbok (are 'numerous') , springbok (ewes and their lambs' cries) , springbok (the habits and actions of) , springbok ('young') , springbok ('little') , springbok ('child') , springbok (kid) , springbok (ewe) , springbok ('lamb' or kid) , springbok (the mothers protect their young) , springbok (-mothers grunt) , springbok (-kids bleat) , springbok (how the people address) , springbok ('beast of prey') , animal (noises of) , animal (imitating) , animal (springbok ewes and their lambs' cries) , hunting (methods of catching springbok) , hunting (and imitating the sounds of the springbok) , hunting (springbok ewes and lamb's cries) , address (how the people imitate the sounds of the ewes and 'lambs' in the herd when hunting) , address (for the springbok as 'beast of prey')

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