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Story: Tto, 'rooi klip' (how tto is obtained)


Tto, 'rooi klip' (how tto is obtained)


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


The Bushmen anoint their heads with //hára. (which is black and sparkling), mixed with fat, and rub their bodies with ttò. (L VIII.-14. 7272 rev.,-7276 rev., note). Ttò or 'Roode Klip' is dug out from the mountain side. Precautions to be taken against sorcerers upon these occasions. (L VIII.-14. 7275 and 7276, 7279 and 7380). An account of how tto (rooi klip) is obtained. When the people collect tto, they pound it and then anoint themselves with the mixture as protection against the sorcerers at the tto mine.


1) pp.7274v-7275v: see ||hara and tto, 2) p.7279v: the people would become ill if the sorcerers at the tto mine were to see them, 3) This story is found in Book VIII-14


|han≠kass'o (Klein Jantje) (VIII)


11 August 1878 (started)


Custom and daily life


tto (`rooi klip') , tto (how it is obtained) , tto (and sorcerers) , tto (the 'mining' of) , tto ('anointing' with) , tto (precautions to be taken against sorcerers when collecting) , tto (is collected along with ||hara) , tto (the preparation of) , tto (found in a mine in the side of the mountain) , tto (obtaining and illness) , mine (tto or 'rooi klip' mine) , mine (what the |xam call it) , mine (people fear it) , mine (sorcerers live there) , mine (throwing stones at) , mine (protection against the sorcerers at) , ||hara (and how Tto or 'rooi klip' is obtained) , ||hara (collected along with tto) , sorcerers (that live in the tto or 'rooi klip' mine) , sorcerers (looking at them makes people ill) , sorcerers (cause illness) , sorcerers (hide when people throw stones at the tto mine) , sorcerers (their actions and doings) , sorcerers (live in holes) , sorcerers (anointing with tto as protection from) , sorcerers (and obtaining tto) , sorcerers (frightening them away) , sorcerers (making them hide) , sorcerers (precautions to be taken against when collecting tto) , name (what the |xam call the tto or 'rooi klip' mine) , illness (caused by sorcerers at the tto or 'rooi klip' mine) , illness (and how tto is obtained) , illness (and looking at sorcerers) , stones (throwing at a tto or 'rooi klip' mine) , stones (and sorcerers)

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7275-7276, 7279-7280

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