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Story: Tsatsi's treatment of bones


Tsatsi's treatment of bones


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|han≠kass'o's grandfather Tsatsi puts different kinds of bones away in the sticks of the hut to avoid wounding the first finger of his right hand. If the bones are not treated properly and are eaten by the dogs, he will be wounded and will not be able to shoot properly.


1) This story is found in Book VIII-14, 2) see also ||kabbo's treatment of bones and Treatment of bones


|han≠kass'o (Klein Jantje) (VIII)


August 1878


Custom and daily life, History (personal)


hunting observances (and wounding the first finger of the right hand) , hunting observances (and Tsatsi's treatment of bones) , hunting observances (respecting the game) , bones (and avoiding wounding the first finger of the right hand) , bones (Tsatsi's treatment of) , bones (put away in the sticks of the hut) , bones (the treatment of) , bones (respect for) , bones (and avoiding wounds) , |han≠kass'o (his grandfather Tsatsi's treatment of bones) , |han≠kass'o (his personal history) , respect (for bones and successful hunting) , respect (for the game and avoiding wounds) , respect (Tsatsi's treatment of bones) , hut (bones put away in the sticks of) , hut (Tsatsi's treatment of bones) , hunting (Tsatsi's treatment of bones) , hunting (observances) , hunting (making a screen of bushes when) , hunting (and respecting the game) , hunting (and waiting for springbok) , hunting (tactics) , hunting (rituals for shooting properly) , hunting (avoiding wounds when) , hunting (with a wound) , wound (shooting with) , wound (and Tsatsi's treatment of bones) , wound (avoiding getting one on the first finger of the right hand) , springbok (and hunting observances) , springbok (and Tsatsi's treatment of bones) , springbok (tactics in hunting) , springbok (making them 'lie down' and die) , springbok (making a screen of bushes when hunting) , springbok (and respecting the game) , springbok (waiting for) , springbok (hunting tactics for) , springbok (avoiding wounds when hunting) , personal history (|han≠kass'o 's grandfather Tsatsi's treatment of bones) , screen (of bushes used in springbok hunting) , screen (and Tsatsi's treatment of bones) , bush (screen used in springbok hunting) , bush (and Tsatsi's treatment of bones)

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