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Story: Sorcerers shoot with invisible arrows, causing illness


Sorcerers shoot with invisible arrows, causing illness


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


Sorcerers shoot with invisible arrows, causing illness. The sick man. The aid of the old women to be sought. By /han≠kass’o (L VIII.-14. 7287 and 7288; 15. 7289-7295). The wounded person feels pain and weariness. The old women 'snore' sick people and remove what ails them. Once 'snored' the person will again feel comfortable.


1) |han≠kass'o heard this story from his mother (|xabbi-an), 2) p.7293v: what the 'Bushman doctors' say when 'snoring' out the invisible arrow (it has made a bruise), 3) See also Springbok possess magic arrows and Sorcerers are like lions and What sorcerers eat and When a good–looking person is ill, 4) This story is found in Books VIII-14 and VIII-15


|han≠kass'o (Klein Jantje) (VIII)


12 August 1878


Custom and daily life, Healing and ailing


sorcerers (!giten) , sorcerers (shoot with invisible arrows) , sorcerers (bewitch people) , sorcerers (cause illness) , sorcerers (the ill-effects of their arrows) , sorcerers (doings of) , sorcerers (about) , sorcerers (healers) , sorcerers ('snore' people) , arrows (that bewitch people) , arrows (of sorcerers) , arrows (sorcerers shoot with invisible) , arrows (that cause illness, pain and weariness) , arrows (the wounds caused by) , arrows (the 'snoring' out of) , old women ('snore' the wounds caused by the sorcerer's arrows) , doctoring (healing) , doctoring (by old women) , doctoring (of the sorcerer's arrow-wounds) , snoring (or healing) , snoring (of bewitchment by sorcerers) , snoring (-work) , snoring (by old women) , snoring (out of sorcerer's arrow) , snoring (out things) , healing (or 'snoring') , healing (of the wound caused by a sorcerer's arrow) , illness (healing or doctoring) , illness ('snoring') , illness (caused by sorcerers who shoot with an invisible arrow) , name (|xam, for sorcerers is !giten) , name (sorcerers shoot with invisible arrows) , healer (old woman) , healer (who 'snores' a person shot with a sorcerer's invisible arrow) , work (healing or doctoring) , work ('snoring') , work (of illness caused by the sorcerer's invisible arrows) , work (done by a healer or old woman)

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7287-7288, 7289-7295

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