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Story: Sorcerers are like lions


Sorcerers are like lions


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


The sorcerers see a handsome person and cause him to be ill. The dogs cannot sleep for barking at the sorcerers, and the sick man dies, although he has been doctored. (L VIII.-15. 7298-7303). When a good-looking or 'handsome' person falls ill and dies, the !giten (sorcerers) seize that person. Every time he seems to get better they 'shoot' (bewitch) him again, making him ill, and he never recovers. Their arrows kill people even when they are being 'snored'.


1) |han≠kass'o heard this story from his mother (|xabbi-an), 2) p.7298v: a place called Jagdt drift is near ||kabbo's place, 3) p.7301v: 'snoring' someone who is really sick, 4) p.7302v: sorcerers shoot (and appear to eat) handsome people, 5) See also Sorcerers shoot with invisible arrows, causing illness and What sorcerers eat and When a good-looking person is ill, 6) This story is found in Book VIII-15


|han≠kass'o (Klein Jantje) (VIII)


August 1878


Custom and daily life, Healing and ailing


good-looking people (why they fall ill) , good-looking people (are 'seized' by sorcerers) , good-looking people (die even if doctored) , good-looking people (and sorcerers who are like lions) , handsome people ('good-looking') , handsome people (why they fall ill) , handsome people (are 'seized' by sorcerers) , handsome people (die even if doctored) , handsome people (and sorcerers who are like lions) , illness (caused when sorcerers seize 'handsome' people) , illness (caused by sorcerers who are like lions) , sorcerers (!giten) , sorcerers ('shoot' people while they are being 'snored') , sorcerers (make people ill) , sorcerers (cause sickness) , sorcerers (make handsome people ill) , sorcerers ('seize' people who are handsome) , sorcerers ('eat' handsome people) , sorcerers (their doings) , sorcerers (resemble lions) , sorcerers (shoot with invisible arrows) , sorcerers (their arrows cause illness and kill people) , sorcerers (shoot people while they are being snored) , sorcerers ('eat' people) , healing ('snoring' out of invisible arrows) , healing (of 'good–looking' people) , healing (of illness caused by sorcerers who are like lions) , snoring (healing) , snoring (of 'good–looking' people) , snoring (taking things out) , snoring (and the 'springbok's thing') , snoring (sorcerers kill people while they are being 'snored') , snoring (out the sorcerer's arrow wounds) , snoring (causes a person's heart to 'fall') , snoring (of illness caused by sorcerers who are like lions) , death (sorcerers kill with invisible arrows) , death (of people shot with sorcerer's arrows) , death (while 'snoring') , death (when the heart 'falls' during 'snoring) , death (of people 'eaten' by sorcerers, who are like lions) , death (of 'handsome' or 'good–looking' people) , arrow (sorcerer's) , arrow (invisible) , arrow (used to shoot 'good–looking' people) , arrow (that causes illness and death) , arrow (that bewitches) , arrow (the 'snoring' out of an) , arrow (of the sorcerer, who is like a lion) , lions (sorcerers are like) , name (|xam, for sorcerers is !giten) , name (sorcerers are like lions)

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