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Story: Oh old woman! At what place did you grow up?


Oh old woman! At what place did you grow up?


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


An insert containing an address to an old woman in which she is asked where she grew up as a child and what the place's name is. It asks her who her friends (or companions) were, and what her people's names are.


1) This story is a loose insert found inside the back cover of Book VIII-15, along with some other pages containing untranslated |xam text and a scrap of paper on which the Latin name of the Blue crane is written (Tetrapteryx paradisea), 2) See also Thy name which is a Bushman name, what is it?' (at Breakwater)


possibly Dia!kwain (David Hoesar) (V) ?


30 July 1878 (partly written or rewritten on)


History (personal)


language (|xam) , language ('Oh old woman!') , old woman (her place) , old woman (her relations) , old woman ('At what place did you grow up?') , old woman (her personal history) , personal history (of an old woman) , personal history ('Oh old woman! At what place did you grow up?')

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