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Story: Habits of porcupines


Habits of porcupines


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


Different customs concerning the eating of the Porcupine. (L VII.-6. 6590 rev.-6594 rev.). Certain persons not allowed to eat the tail of the Porcupine. (L VIII.-16. 7405-7409, 7408 rev. and 7409 rev.). A part of the Porcupine is used to prevent the evil consequences of eating !kùï. (L VIII.-16. 7450 rev., note). A story describing the habits of porcupines and the eating of them. The porcupine seeks food away from its hole and returns to a different hole.


1) From |han≠kass'o's personal knowledge, 2) This story is found in Book VIII-16


|han≠kass'o (Klein Jantje) (VIII)


8 September 1878 (started)


Custom and daily life, Plants and animals


porcupine (its habits and actions) , porcupine (the name of its hole) , porcupine (its return to its hole) , porcupine (its faculties) , porcupine ('bewitching' its return) , porcupine (its spoor) , porcupine (returns to a different hole) , porcupine (the hunting of) , porcupine (the eating of) , porcupine (the parts that are eaten) , porcupine (men do not eat the tail) , porcupine (eating its tail is avoided) , porcupine (and the wind) , porcupine (smells the hunters on the wind) , porcupine (waiting for) , porcupine (seeks food at night) , hunting (and the habits of porcupines) , hunting (methods) , hunting (waiting for porcupine) , hunting (observances) , hunting (eating the porcupine's tail is avoided) , name (of the porcupine's hole) , food (eating porcupine and hunting observances) , food (the parts of the porcupine that are eaten) , food (eating the porcupine's tail is avoided) , food (hunters do not eat the tail) , food (and the habits of porcupines) , wind (porcupine smells the hunters on) , wind (and the habits of porcupines)

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