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Story: Rain protects frogs


Rain protects frogs


Lucy Lloyd |xam notebooks


Frogs are not to be killed, lest drought ensue. An exhortation, to the Bushmen, to be careful of food in time of plenty, is followed by a description of the jackal’s doings with regard to food, etc. (L VIII.-16. 7449-7451, 7448 rev.-7450 rev., and 7452-7456). If people kill frogs, rain will not fall and drought will come. The people will have to eat gambro (|kui) plants because other plants have disappeared.


1) |han≠kass'o heard this from his maternal grandfather (Tsatsi); what their place looks like in times of drought, 2) pp.7448v-7450v: see Habits of jackals, 3) p.7450v: how the people protect themselves from the ill-effects of the gambro, 4) See also Want of rain and Gambro or |kui and its ill-effects, 5) This story is found in Book VIII-16


|han≠kass'o (Klein Jantje) (VIII)


14 September 1878 (started)


The Rain and Rain's water


drought (plants vanish during) , drought (people become lean during) , drought (springbok vanish during) , drought (locusts vanish during) , drought (what is eaten during times of) , drought (its effect on the people and fauna and flora in Bushmanland) , drought (is caused by people killing frogs) , drought (rain protects frogs) , gambro (protection against) , gambro (smelling part of the porcupine to protect against its ill-effects) , gambro (methods of eating it safely) , gambro (or |kui) , gambro (kills people) , gambro (eaten during times of drought) , gambro (intoxicates) , gambro (rain protects frogs) , porcupine (smelling it to protect against gambro) , porcupine (rain protects frogs) , plant (eaten during times of drought) , plant (that intoxicates) , plant (that kills) , plant (ill–effects of gambro) , plant (rain protects frogs) , frogs (the rain protects) , frogs (killing them causes drought) , frogs (prohibition against killing) , rain (protects frogs) , rain (does not fall when frogs are killed) , names (of plants eaten in times of drought) , names (gambro or |kui) , intoxicant (gambro) , intoxicant (rain protects frogs) , food (eaten in times of drought) , food (eating gambro) , food (the ill–effects of gambro) , food (killing frogs brings drought) , food (rain protects frogs)

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